Meet The Contributors!

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Meet T-Debbie!

First off I know you all are probably wondering why I call her “T-Debbie,” well…she’s my aunt (and one of favorites ones too)! A part from being my aunt, she’s an extremely talented writer. She is also a retired Social Worker. T-Debbie provides the best laughs, is super sincere, and very stylish as well (I mean she is MY aunt)! She is a fellow eccentric “moon-child” like myself. And did I mention she’s 64 years young?! T-Debbie will be sharing all of her wonderful (and sometimes crazy) life experiences with you all.

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Meet Hérbert!

Gosh there is so much I can say about Hérbert Benjamin or “my Hébert” as I call him. He is literally the guy version of myself! He’s an award-winning actor, but most importantly he’s my best-friend. I call him CONSTANTLY about everything going on in my life, especially when it comes to my “interesting” love life. He always gives the best inspiring advice, and I’m sure you all will enjoy his stories just as much as I do.

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Meet Bradley!

Oh how I LOVE Bradley or “BradBrad” as I call him! BradBrad is one of those people that just makes your day better after being in his presence. He’s warm-hearted, and wise beyond his years. Every time I speak to BradBrad I always learn something exceptionally impactful about life. He has the BEST style, and what I love the most is that he doesn’t break the bank yet always looks like a million bucks. BradBrad’s post will teach you how to live fabulously on a budget.