Meet Herbert!

Herbert Bio Pic

Being the offspring of a local DJ and a Diva, I was born strutting to the “beat of my own drum.” I’ve been blessed sharing my gift of musical theatre on numerous stages worldwide including Harvard and USO Tours. In 2015, my work as an actor was recognized with a Big Easy Award Nomination for “Ain’t Misbehavin’.”

Consistently, thriving off life as inspiration for my artistry at 17, I left home and joined the United States Army. There, I was awarded with numerous awards, such as Army Achievement Medals for my work in Iraq. I’m a firm believer in “being yourself and owning your standards.”

As a New Orleans native, I feel that this city possesses the perfect ingredients for romance but we’ve been misguided on how to obtain and maintain it. My style is not advising on how to act in relationships, most of you already know how to love (well at least I hope lol), but working on getting through the emotions to reveal the truth.