Meet Bradley!

Bradley Bio Pic

From my fingers to your eyes, you can simply consider me a consultant. My name is Bradley but you can call me BradBrad. On August 23rd this proud cuspian (Leo/Virgo) was born and I believe it was for many reasons. I’m a McMain Mustang, who is a part of the resilient class of 2006. I’m currently serving as a hydraulic engineer in the US Navy (Whoo-Yah lol), long story.

I’ve always believed that you can have your cake and eat it too. Don’t you think so? Why should I be limited to working hard and not enjoying it? The question on most people’s lips then becomes “HOW?!”

Throughout countless hours, days, years bargain sales/bins, I’ve found a quite a few tools. These things make sure I savor every minute of the frosting I worked so hard to get on my plate without leaving myself starved once I’m done.

Since I opened with my purpose let me close by saying I’m here to give you all the secrets in my arsenal to help you create the most beautiful life you can and enjoy your, in the words of Kelis, “just desserts.”