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Birthday Style!

Dress x H&M | Denim Blouse x Banana Republic | Sandals x Chinese Laundry | Sunnies x Fendi | Necklace x Vintage | Hoops x F21 | Bracelet x Hive & Honey

On this past Monday, I turned the big 2-7! I brought in this new year of life sipping on rosé and taking a soothing rose petals infused bath, I felt like such a queen. If there is any other day you should feel like royalty, it should definitely be your birthday.

I wanted to continue that feeling of regality throughout my entire birthday, so I made sure to wear an ensemble that reflected that. My navy, fine-pleated, satin finish dress was the perfect way to express that mood. I paired a bold blue lippie with my outfit to match my fabulous dress.

I spent my afternoon brunchin’ at Katie’s Restaurant with my fabulous mom and aunt. It was the perfect way to celebrate during the early part of my day.

My 27th birthday will forever be remembered as a day I felt good, I looked good, and I ate good too.


Dev Takes LA!

IMG_7268 - Copy
IMG_7270 - Copy
Photos | Shainna Miles

Kimono x c/o R. Chvrles Brnd | Skirt x c/o R. Chvrles Brnd | Top x Love Culture
Necklace x Francesca’s Collections | Sunnies x Ray Ban | Watch x Fossil
Bracelet x Lokai | Anklet x Zales 
Earrings x Francesca’s Collections |  Rings x H&M/UO

On this past Sunday, I embarked on a 3-week journey to the great city of Los Angeles! To say I was super excited is an understatement. I must admit, so far there hasn’t been anything about this city that I do not like. The people have been awesome, sightseeing has been fun, and the food has been surprisingly amazing. It’s weird, there is something about LA’s vibe that is very reminiscent of NOLA’s. Seriously. The two cities oddly have a lot of things in common.

Since I knew I was heading to LA, I wanted the essence of this photoshoot to combine the beauty of NOLA and the carefree attitude of LA. Robert Charles, New Orleans-Based designer, truly understood that vision. Much like the city of Los Angeles, this flowy ensemble gives off such a bohemian vibe. Yet the background of this photoshoot is one of New Orleans most famed and serene areas.

I must say, I am truly enjoying exploring this beautiful city. I’m looking forward to taking in all of the eclectic culture LA has to offer. I know this trip will be one for the books, and I can not wait to tell you guys all about it.

Be sure to continue to visit DEVandtheCITY to stay updated on all of my LA adventures!


*Special Thanks to Robert Charles who designed this gorgeous ensemble and styled this fabulous shoot. To learn more about him visit and be on the lookout for my profile piece featuring Robert Charles coming soon.

Jump Around!

IMG_3100 (2)
IMG_3102 (2)
IMG_3115 (2)
IMG_3096 (2)

Photos | Shainna Miles

Jumpsuit x c/o Langford Market | Vest x c/o Langford Market | Bag x Michael Kors
Sandals x Francesca’s Collections | Wooden Necklace x c/o Langford Market
Medallion Necklace x UO | Watch x Nixon 
Bracelet x Alex&Ani | Earrings x Francesca’s Collections | Ring x Francesca’s Collections

I’m a HUGE fan of jumpsuits, and I have several of them in my closet. They are so versatile, and can be easily transitioned from day to night. When I discovered this harem jumpsuit at Langford Market I knew it had to be featured on my site! It’s so easy, cool, and effortless. I decided to go with the gypsy vibe it gives off, and style it with a flowy crochet and denim vest. This outfit is perfect for a serene NOLA day!

Are you all jumpsuit lovers like myself?! Tell me all about it in the comments!

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*Special thanks to Langford Market for providing the clothing for this look.

Pop of COLOR!

IMG_3133 (2)
IMG_3135 (2)
IMG_3131 (2)
IMG_3136 (2)

Photos | Shainna Miles

Top x c/o Langford Market | Skirt x c/o Langford Market | Bag x Francesca’s Collections
Shoes x Steve Madden | Sunnies x Ray Ban | Earrings x Francesca’s Collections
Necklace x H&M | Bracelet x Hive&Honey

As we all may know Fall is rapidly approaching! Yes people, it’s almost that time of year for fab boots, sexy sweaters, and leather leggings. Every year towards the end of summer, I try to wear all of my fave bright colored pieces as much as possible. Although I am a fan of transitioning certain pieces from summer to fall (look for this post coming soon), I feel some colors/patterns are strictly meant to be worn in the warmer months. This outfit screams “Summer Brunch!” The beautiful fuchsia top compliments my skin-tone perfectly, and do I even have to say why I love this floral skirt?! *hearts for eyes emoji* Since the clothing for this outfit is so bold, I decided to pair it with minimal accessories. I just LOVE this ensemble!

What summer outfit will you be wearing before Fall makes her debut?! Tell me about it in the comments!

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*Special thanks to Langford Market for providing the clothing for this look! (:


IMG_3075 (2)
IMG_3090 (3)
IMG_3088 (3)
IMG_3093 (3)

Photos | Shainna Miles

Top x c/o Lanford Market | Shorts x c/o Langford Market | Bag x Michael Kors
Sandals x Francesca’s Collections | Sunnies x Ray Ban | Watch x Nixon
Necklace & Bracelet x c/o Langford Market

If you’ve ever been to New Orleans in August then you know it is hot, hot, HOT. *cue in the sad face emoji* It’s the type of hot where you try to ONLY go outside for the necessities. But staying in on a beautiful summer day can become very b o r i n g. So sometimes you have to just go out, and brave the heat. Dressing for a hot day, all while maintaining good style can be tricky. It’s very easy to fall into the “basic crop tops and cut-offs” routine. However, since I’m not basic and neither are any of you, I recommend opting for something a little different. I’m a HUGE fan of closet go-tos (t-shirts, jeans, etc.) that have a twist. So when I found this top, I quickly became obsessed with it! I LOVE the blush color, and the soft cotton material doesn’t hurt either. And what better item to match this cute tee than white linen swing shorts?! I simply adore this outfit! I look cute, stylish, and cool enough to beat the heat. What’s your go-to summer outfit to beat a sizzlingly summer day?

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*Special thanks to Langford Market for providing the clothing for this look! (:

Magazine Street Style!

IMG_3005 (2)
IMG_3004 (2)
IMG_2994 (2)
Photos | Shainna Miles

Dress x c/o Langford Market Boutique | Kimono Vest x c/o Langford Market Boutique | Sandals x Francesca’s Collections | Bag x Francesca’s Collections
Earrings x Francesca’s Collections | Necklace & Ring c/o Langford Market Boutique | Watch x Nixon | Sunnies x Burberry

One of the best things about living in New Orleans, besides the fabulous food, are the fun boutiques you can discover all around the city. My shopping addiction is REAL, so trust me when I tell you I’ve probably shopped at every store in NOLA and the surrounding areas. Still, one of my favorite areas to shop is on Magazine Street. Magazine Street just has an ambiance that is it’s own. It’s filled with cute shops, little pubs, bars, and lots of character! I can remember being a little girl having a “shopping day” on Magazine St. with my mom. We would shop until we dropped, and would always grab lunch after. In fact, that is something she and I still do this day. One store that screams “Magazine Street Style” is Langford Market Boutique. I just adore that store! There is always fantastic sales, champagne, and fabulous clothes. And the staff treats you like pure royalty. Be sure to stop by, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed that you did, and make sure to tell them Dev sent you to receive a special treat!

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*Special Thanks to Langford Market Boutique for providing the clothing for this look!

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Uptown Brunch!

IMG_9962 - Copy
IMG_9921 - Copy
Photos | Shainna Miles

Jumpsuit x Love Culture | Blazer x Banana Republic | Clutch x Zara
Sandals x Steve Madden | Sunnies x Ray Ban | Necklace x Francesca’s Collections
Earrings x Francesca’s Collections | Watch x Nixon | Bracelet x Hive&Honey

New Orleans is probably one of the top 3 cities for the best food you will ever have in your life! Being from here I must admit I have a true obsession for good food. Growing up my family and I would always attend a Sunday brunch. Even to this day going to brunch is still one of my family’s favorite foodie traditions. When all of our schedules allow, we pick a restaurant, get all dolled up, sip on some mimosas and share a good laugh. Nothing is better to me than bonding with your loved ones, all while eating fabulous food. What’s your favorite family foodie tradition?

Until next time,
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Working Girl!

IMG_9856 - Copy
IMG_9852 - Copy
Photos | Shainna Miles

Jumpsuit x Love Culture | Blazer x H&M | Flats x Forever 21 | Bag x Michael Kors
Glasses x Warby Parker | Necklace x Forever 21 | Bracelet x Banana Republic

Working at an upscale retail store I always want to look polished and well put together. However, I never want to be so polished that my outfit comes off as b o r i n g. To me, it’s very important for your ensemble to reflect parts of your personality! Whether that be adding a bright shoe, a statement necklace, or a bold lipstick. Your outfit should always be a reflection of YOU! In this case, I used my jumpsuit as my reflective piece and made it work appropriate by adding one of my fave office go-tos, a structured blazer. I also opted for flats instead of heels because standing up in heels all day is just not fun. What’s your favorite way of bringing a piece of you to the office place?

Until next time,
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Downtown Chic!

IMG_9879 - Copy

Photos | Shainna Miles

Jumpsuit x Love Culture | Kimono x Urban Renewal | Bag x Michael Kors
Sandals x Steve Madden | Sunnies x Ray Ban | Necklaces x Urban Outfitters
Earrings x Francesca’s Collections | Bracelets x Alex&Ani, Charming Charlie

Being from New Orleans going to festivals is second nature for me. I usually spend half of my winter waiting for festival season to arrive. The food, the people, the artsy vibe I guess you can say festivals equal my happy place. I must say my favorite part of festivals is seeing everyone wearing their bohemian best, and the amount of creativity some people put into their ensembles.
What’s your favorite part about festival time?

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