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The Birthday Playlist! 

♫ Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me! ♫ In case you didn’t guess the obvious, today is my *drumroll* birthday! Yes today is the day this queen first graced this world with her presence. Coincidently, today is also #MusicMonday on DATC. If you’re an avid reader of this website than you know how much of a music lover I am. So in honor of this celebratory occasion, I’ve decided to curate the perfect birthday playlist. It will be sure to put you in a festive mood, and make you excited about gaining another year of life. View it below.

#1. Party x Beyoncé ft J. Cole

#2. Golden x Jill Scott

#3. Birthday Bxtch x Trap Beckham

#4. Birthday Song x 2 Chainz ft. Kanye West

#5. Rake It Up x Yo Gotti ft. Nicki Minaj 

#6. Four Door Aventador x Nicki Minaj

#7. Liquorice x Azealia Banks

#8. Happy Birthday x Stevie Wonder 

I hope you enjoyed the list! What songs are on your bday must listen list?! I would love to hear about them in the comments


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“The Labor Day” Playlist: 5 Songs That Will Help You Say Goodbye To Summer! 

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Happy Labor Day! Cookouts will be taking place all around the country on today. People will be feasting on BBQ, sipping on their favorite fruity cocktails, and taking dips in the pool today. I’ve always looked at Labor Day as the official end of summer. Today, I will be relaxing, soaking up the remainder of the chill summer vibes in the air, eating lots of BBQ, and of course listening to awesome music! Below I’ve listed 5 songs that will help curate the perfect Labor Day playlist. Just put these songs into Google Play,  Pandora, Tidal, or Apple Music, hit radio and enjoy! 

#1. Rake It Up x Yo Gotti ft. Nicki Minaj

#2. Bam x Jay-Z

#3. I Get Around x Tupac

#4. Party x Beyoncé 

#5. Before I Let Go x Maze 

Have a happy and safe holiday!


Don’t Call Her a Side Chick: My Review of @SZA “CTRL”

The first time I heard “Ctrl” by SZA, I knew it was a classic. The hip hop undertones combined with her raspy vocals create an environment that many of us have thoroughly enjoyed.

Many people however, find this album and proclaim that it is a outcry against men and a statement that “men are trash” (see Dev’s: “Men Are Trash: True, False, Draw?“). In the words of Jill Scott “Well, if they had listened to the lyrics in the first place, they wouldn’t have any questions”. What I find today is that many people hear albums but don’t listen to the messages and stories that the artist tells. As a warning, I am very pro-SZA and this is a album review.

This album is so intricately interlaced with itself it’s amazing. What I gathered was that: “I can be everything you want and desire if you desire so. However, for some reason you still seek other women.” (Point 1). “Where is a man who wants to know all of me, the quirky and interesting side in this world of women that I differ from?”  “ I could be a lot of things but I’m me.” Before I go any further I want to jump to point 1. Did anyone else catch the reference in “Love Galore” to “The Weekend?” Ok. I wanna stop there because the song “The Weekend” is being heralded as the side chick anthem, when in actuality I never once got that vibe. That song continues the narrative of the album. “I am me and I’m in control of my decisions, regardless of how other people feel about them.” “People have so many bright ideas. (Point 2). When in actuality, you can observe but your opinion isn’t necessary.” Point 2 refers to the amazingly placed interlude which when you initially hear it, sounds random but fits into the narrative of the work. “Go Gina” immediately became my favorite with it’s Martin Lawrence with what I gathered to be Pam saying “Damn Gina, why don’t you just live a little and let me live”. The rest of the album flows very soothingly with the stand out “Wavy (Interlude) Feat. James Fauntleroy” and the amazingly worded “Normal Girl.” It’s the perfect album for us “20 Something’s” out there just living life and finding our own way forward. I applaud SZA for crafting this album and can’t wait to see her live.

I typically tell people to listen to a few tracks outside of the normally discussed ones and ask for feedback to open up listeners to the rest of the album. Let me know what you think: Tweet me at @b_rockz_


1. Doves In the Wind Feat. Kendrick Lamar

2. Go Gina

3. Normal Girl

8 Songs That Will Get You Through The Week! 

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It’s the first Monday of the month which can only mean one thing…a new 8 Songs That Will Get You Through The Week playlist! Since we’re mid-summer and everyone is feeling those chill summer vibes, below are 8 feel-good songs that will put you in the mood to jam out while soaking up the summer solstice. Listen to them now!

1. Crew x Goldlink ft. Brent Fiyaz and Shy Glizzy

2. Legendary x Joey Bada$$ ft. J. Cole

3. Ride Of Your Life x Tinashe

4. Keepin’ It Real x Mack Wilds

5. Prom x SZA

6. Borderline (An Ode To Self Care)  x Solange ft. Q-Tip

7. Got Her Own x Syd

8. 4AM x 2 Chainz ft Travis Scott

I hope you all enjoyed the list! What songs will you be listening to get you through this week?!


*Please note: some links do not contain full length songs. 

#LearnFromYesterday: Timeless and Underrated Albums of the 1970s

Usually, the term underrated is associated with a body of work that was never acknowledged to its full extent. Experts comment on the importance of that piece including the ironic twist of its influence yet lack of acknowledgement. These pieces of work tend to grow a cult following. Often, this work is praised amongst the who’s who of the industry. Moreover, those who recognize the work add a level of sophistication to their artistic taste. Nevertheless, the masses still ignore the body of work. (more…)

5 Artists You Should Know!

Happy Monday Loves! It’s that time of the month again when I introduce you to your new favorite artists that you’ve never heard of yet. The 5 artists I’ve decided to feature this month breathe some new life into the R&B genre. Whether you’re just vibin’ in your car, laid up with your beau, or taking a relaxing candle-lit bath, these artists’ music will create the perfect soundtrack. Check them out below.

#1. Gallant

Originally from Washington, DC, Gallant is a singer/songwriter. Gallant’s music is the perfect fusion of throwback 90s and early 2000s r&b mixed with a futuristic modern sound. Fun fact: I named his debut album Ology as my favorite album of 2016.

♫ Miyazaki x Gallant

#2. Tiffany Gouché

Tiffany Gouché is a singer, songwriter, and producer that hails from Inglewood, CA. Gouché’s music is what many would call baby-making music. It’s sultry, sensual, and creates a seductive vibe.

♫ Red Rum Melody x Tiffany Gouché

#3. Sampha

Sampha is a British singer, songwriter, and producer from South London. You’ve probably heard his euphoric sound before as he has been featured on several artists’ songs from Drake to SBTRKT. Sampha’s sound is unparalleled and transcendent, and you can tell it’s a track of his by only hearing one note.

♫ Under x Sampha 

#4. Sabrina Claudio

Sabrina Claudio is a Latina singer that hails from Miami. Claudio’s sound is ethereal. What I love most about her music is how relatable it is, it tells the perfect story of an millennial woman like myself.

♫ Unravel Me x Sabrina Claudio

#5. Daniel Caesar

Originally from Toronto, Daniel Caesar is a singer/songwriter. Caesar’s sensuous sound is very reminiscent of old-school soulful r&b music, and it makes you want to find a beautiful soul and lose yourself in them.

♫ Get You x Daniel Caesar ft. Kali Uchis

It will only be a matter of time before these 5 are mainstream, don’t forget who told you about them first! Who are some of your favorite under-the-radar artists?! I would love to hear about them in the comments!


8 Songs That Will Get You Through The Week! 

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Happy Monday Everyone! If you’re anything like me, you are currently feeling all of the drinks you had on yesterday for Sunday Funday, and are probably in need of a pick me up. Well…your prayers have been answered! I’ve composed a list of 8 songs that will not only help you get through the rest of your day but help you effortlessly help the of the week pass as well. Check it out below! 

1. Kickin’ Back x Mila J

2. For My People x Joey BadA$$

3. Swang x Rae Sremmurd

4. Lay Up x Ella Mai

5. Get You x Daniel Caesar ft. Kali Uchis

6. Grown Woman x Xavier Omär 

7. Coaster x Khalid

8. Incomplete Kisses x Sampha 

I hope you all enjoyed the list! What songs will you be listening to get you through the week?! I would love to hear about it in the comments! 


5 Artists You Should Know: Women’s Future Month Edition

Happy Monday folks! It’s that time of the month again when I highlight some of my fave artists. In honor of Women’s History/Future Month, I’ve composed a list of five of my favorite female musicians at the moment. Be sure to view the list below!

#1. H.E.R.

I discovered H.E.R. via soundcloud about 6 months ago, and I’ve pretty much listened to her everyday since. The identity of this artist comes with an air of mystery, very similar to The Weeknd before he was a mainstream artist. All that is known about H.E.R. is that she is a woman, and a highly talented one. Even though her identity may be a mystery, she completely exposes herself in her lyrics. H.E.R.’s music is very vulnerable, and often describes every millennial’s love life down to a tee.

♫ Losing x H.E.R. 

#2. Ella Mai

Originally for London, Ella Mai is a r&b singer/songwriter. I credit Google Play for helping me discover her music, however Ella was discovered like many artists these days via Instagram. Ella is a true talent, and has a beautiful sultry voice.

♫ 10,000 Hours x Ella Mai

#3. Bibi Bourelly

Bibi Bourelly is singer/songwriter. She gained notoriety for being the co-writer of Rihanna’s hit single “Bxtch Betta Have My Money.” I discovered Bibi Bourelly one night while watching BET Jams, and her fiery tune “Ego” instantly became my theme song for most of 2016. Bibi music is raw, heartfelt, and honest. After listening to one of her songs you’ll feel prepared to take on anything this world may throw your way.

♫ Riot x Bibi Bourelly 

#4. Dreezy 

Dreezy is a r&b/rap artist that hails from Chicago and reps her city to the fullest. I discovered Dreezy as a rapper first, and then after researching her music later found out she was a singer as well. Even though she is equally amazing at both, I love what she is bringing to the male-dominated rap game right now. Her lyrics often reflect the importance of women power and ladies sticking together.

♫ Serena x Dreezy

#5. Kelela

Kelela has been on my radar for maybe the past 3 years or so now. Her dope aesthetic screams artistry at it’s finest. Kelela’s music is the epitome of chill vibes. She is also very culturally aware of what’s going on in the world, and she is never afraid to speak out about it.

♫ Send Me Out x Kelela

Hope you all enjoyed the list. What female musicians have you been vibing to this Women’s History/Future Month?! I would love to hear about it in the comments!


The V-Day Playlist: 14 Songs That With Create The Perfect Sexy Vibe 

I’m sure if you are attached to someone then you’re aware that tomorrow is the lover’s holiday. That’s right people, February 14th has rolled around yet again. Couples everywhere will be partaking in romantic dinners, sharing intimacy, and umm…having lots of sex. I’ve curated the perfect playlist that will set a sensual and sultry mood for you and your bae to enjoy tomorrow’s sexy festivities. Check it out below.

1. Jupiter x Gallant

2. Hit Of You x Paloma Ford 

3. Blind Man x Xavier Omär 

4. Keep You In Mind x Gourdon Banks

5.  Found x Ella Mai 

6. Lovesick x Banks

7. Last Cigarette x Ro James 

8. Love You x SiR

9. No Less x SG Lewis ft. Louis Mattrs

10. Queen x SiR

11. Wait For You x H.E.R.

12. Apple Cherry x Nao

13.  Sacrifices x Tinashe

14. All 4 U x Kyle ft. Yuna

I hope you all enjoyed the list. What songs will be on your Valentine’s Day Playlist this year?! I would love to hear about them in the comments!


8 Songs That Will Get You Through The Week! 

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To say these last few days within america were unbelievable is an understatement. Our country is in one of the worst states it has ever been in. As a creative, I will be heavily depending on all forms of art to be my saving grace (well that and ALOT of prayer). Below I’ve composed a list of a few of my favorite feel-good songs that will be sure to put you in a pleasant mood, and make you (temporarily) forget all of the worries of the world.

1. Trust Somebody x Cashmere Cat ft. Selena Gomez & Tory Lanez

2. Blind Man x Xavier Omär 

3. I Wanna Be x Kehlani

4. Blow Your Mind x Dua Lipa

5. F*ck With Myself x Banks

6. Villa Mentality x J. Cole

7. You’re The One x Kaytranada 

8. Trophy x Nao

Hope you all enjoyed the list! What songs will be on your playlist to get you through the week? Tell me about in the comments!