Life’s Lessons: 5 Grand Things I Learned At 26.

*Me in Philadelphia, September 2017.

26 was a huge year of personal growth for me. There were several life lessons I was taught throughout it. It was the year where I truly had to boss up and become the adult my parental unit prepared me to be. I had to learn how to take charge of my life and be the bold, determined, and resilient woman that I say I am.  In honor of one of the biggest years of growth for me, I decided to list the top 5 takeaways I gained during year 26. Be sure to view the post below.

#1. Stop Questioning Your Gut. 

My mom always says “Two things that will never leave you astray are God and your intuition,” those words couldn’t be more true. I’ve always been very in tune to what was right for me, and had a great sense of assessing everything and everyone. However I would find myself constantly ignoring my intuition. I would tell myself I was over-reacting, which would lead to giving everyone (and thing) the benefit of doubt, knowing they were usually undeserving of that. It wasn’t until last year that I learned to stop being this way, and to trust what my first instinct told me. Your instinct, first mind, gut or whatever you choose to call it is the most accurate and comes for a higher being than yourself and should be listened to.

#2. Patience Is Truly A Virtue. 

I was always one to say things like “my patience is very thin,” or “I don’t have patience at all.” However, during the duration of 26, life taught me patience was something I needed to to have if I intended on being a successful creative and businesswoman. Nothing good comes from rash decisions, and greatness takes a lot of time. I had to learn to stop wanting to just get things done, but get them done within my standards, and my standards are not something that can be met in one, two, three.

#3. It’s Okay To Admit You’re Not Okay. 

When I say 26 was an emotional roller coaster of a year, it definitely was. Between the craziness of my life changes, to what will go down as one of the most historical elections in our country, last year was a lot. For the first time, I couldn’t just quickly process what was happening, pick myself up, and get over it. I needed time. Time to grieve, time to just be, and time to be alone with my thoughts. A lot of days I couldn’t be that girl people depended on to put a smile on their faces, I had to fully experience all of the emotions I was feeling even the ones that were downright ugly. I had to openly admit I was not okay and I needed to do something differently before I found myself in a sea of depression. I began to focus more on my mental health and take a self-care day at least once a week to insure my wellness was in order. If you are not at your best, you can not be your best.

 #4. Sometimes You Have To Cry It Out. 

From the moment my short film production didn’t go as planned a few days after my 26th birthday, I knew my need to control everything around me would be greatly challenged. I found myself in many predicaments last year that simply could not be helped. I had to go through them to gain the wisdom that I have now, but when you’re going through it the last thing you can see is hindsight. Crying, and I mean that ugly boohoo crying is what got me through a lot of tough times last year. It released all of the frustration and sadness this world can cause. After a good cry I would feel so much better and more capable of figuring out my next step.

#5. It’s Okay To Ask For Help. 

I’ve always been a very indendent person. I rarely ask for help, and if I do I still try to make it the most minute of task. Last year, I began to really brand myself, and whenever you expand anything in this life you can not do it alone. When I first began my production company last year, I tried to run everything by myself, which started off well but quickly went left. Between that, and still maintaining my other endeavors I began to drown. I was trying to be all great things to all situations and it was hard. I eventually had to delegate certain tasks and trust that I was putting them in capable hands. It wasn’t easy, but it was necessary for my mental health.

26 taught me a lot, and I am looking forward to putting everything I learned into practice in year 27. I’ve always known I was a strong individual, but I now know the magnitude of what I can handle and still come out on top.

I pray 27 will be a year of prosperity, happiness, and all of my dear dreams coming true. So here’s to surviving 26, and cheers to welcoming the beautiful year of 27!

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