Duality: du·al·i·ty

definition: an instance of opposition or contrast between two concepts or two aspects of something; a dualism.

Have you ever wondered what makes Beyoncé soooooooooo damn appealing? Or for my generation, what made you addicted to Janet Jackson? One word: duality. I’m sure you’re like what the hell is duality? Think Beyoncé/Sasha Fierce for starters. Duality delves into the harsh contrast between two topics within the same idea. I also referenced Janet because she is a master of this inner music which makes it so infections. The next logical question is how in the hell does this apply to me? I’m glad you asked lol.

Duality can help greatly enhance your life. I once saw something that said “never be predictable” and immediately applied this to the idea of being boring. Where is the excitement in something that is always the same? Change is the result of progress in life and in order to progress you have to live, not simply exist. This in no way constitutes inconsistency, but simply use this as a base question: “What did I try yesterday, that if I could try again today I would do differently”? think back to the images of the angel and the devil on your shoulder (this is not a religious delve in any way lol). 
I know that for me personally, I LOVE hair so my duality plays a lot with hair. Either its gonna be between a tame wave/bone straight look or big curly look. Tame vs. Wild. That’s my duality. It allows me to be conservative but liberal at my leisure but only if I’m willing to do the work to make it happen which reinstalls my views on working for what you want. 

So what to do now? Let’s say you work a job where you in a uniform or limited to visual expression. In your free time, don’t limit yourself. Play with color, big sexy hair (my favorite), be eclectic in your music taste. Allow yourself to be different and love every minute of it because that contrast in action can allow you to view the world differently and ultimately push yourself to new heights. 

Stay creative, Stay inspired, Stay awesome,

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