The Loc’d and Curly Hair Affair: The Recap!

*Brittany Eve (right) with her team Brittany Harrell, Fernando Cruz, and Gaynelle “Pat” Albert.

A few Sundays ago I had the pleasure of attending an amazing event entitled “The Loc’d and Curly Hair Affair!” An event dedicated to highlighting the beauty that exists within the Black, natural hair community. 

Earlier this month, I interviewed the event’s creator Brittany Eve, she expressed she wanted to create a space that fused the natural hair community together, all while making sure those with locs were adequately represented. Well, Brittany was flawlessly able to bring her vision to life. Every type of natural hairstyle was showcased at the event from locs to box braids to kinky coils. 

*Once Easton girls, now grown women. Myself and fellow Easton alumnae Brittany Eve, Antionette Green, Honorelle Henry, Treasurelynn Johnson and Brittany Harrell. 

The event began with a live how-to tie a headwrap tutorial. Every naturalista(o) knows headwraps are a staple for us. Not only do they protect on hair and add flare to our outfits but they also help us honor our ancestors. Next, was a tutorial on how-to properly install a wig. A segment I was happy to see included in the event. Often there is a stigma attached to wearing weaves or wigs in the natural hair community, but when done correctly can be a very healthy protective hairstyle. It was good to affirm those who choose to wear that particular protective style. It made a statement that being natural doesn’t have to look a particular way. 

​​*New Orleans Hairstylist Edwin Merritt with model.

​​Lastly, the event was brought to a close with an incredible discussion panel with the ladies of the “Baby Bangz Hair Salon.” By far my most favorite part of the evening. Along with a Q&A about natural hair care tips, the ladies emphasized the importance of self-love and unity. Two things that I feel can never be expressed enough within the black community.

*The fabulous hairstylists of the Baby Bangz Hair Salon with panel hostess Brittany Harrell. 

*Hats and necklaces from Shop Ellusions, owner Reiona Star (top picture), Chokers and paintings by B. Sam (bottom picture).

The Loc’d and Curly Hair Affair was a marvelously produced event. It was well thought-out and executed to perfection. I left the event feeling empowered and proud to belong to such a powerful and influential community. I want to thank Brittany and her team for creating an event that was filled with so much black talent, black beauty, and overall black excellence. I’ll be anxiously awaiting the next Loc’d and Curly Hair Affair event! 

*Raffle winners Shantel Bradley and daughter Amari. 

*DJ Legatron Prime was on the 1s & 2s.

*Artist and Designer, B. Sam.

*Owners of “Major Joose All Natural Juice Beverages,” Major and Joose.

*Andrea D. Easter, owner of Bijoux de Delone and assistant.

To learn more about Brittany Eve and The Loc’d and Curly Hair Affair visit: and be sure to follow the event’s instagram page @locdandcurlyhairaffair! 


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