You’re Not Broke…You’re 26.

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Almost everyday I hear people in my age range complaining about being broke or not having enough money to fulfil their needs and wants. They all have this idea that they should be further in life financially. I wish I could ponder on where this ideal came from, but most of our lives that’s all we’ve ever been told. From television, to news outlets, to even our own family members, we have all been sold a dream on what life would be like once you make it to your latter twenties. However, I’m here to tell you that ideal is unrealistic.

Let’s be honest, our parents and grandparents had a greater chance of fulfilling the american dream before they even reached the age of 25. Careers were easier to attain and homes were easier to acquire. They made enough to live a quality life with a minute level of stress and still had money to set aside for a rainy day. Millennials, unfortunately don’t have that luxury. A large amount of us owe more than 25K in student loans, and can’t even obtain jobs in our fields to adequately pay the student loans debt down. And if we do have a decent paying job, our earnings are spent on bills and normal cost of living expenses. However, with all of those facts to back up why we’re broke, most of us still feel inadequate about our finances when compared to our peers.

Personally, I blame social media. Social media allows people to manipulate and create entire lives, and sadly people fall into the hype. It’s hard to remember everyone goes through ups and downs when people only showcase the positive sides of their life. Believe me when I say there is no one on this earth whose life is perfect. I’ve come to realize unless you’re “Oprah rich” then you’re going to be concerned about money. I’ve also learned you will never truly have enough of it either. The saying of “More Money, More Problems” is a true one, and it feels like the more money you bring in, the more money you distribute out. It’s like the universe said “You asked for more, here you go, but just know I’m adding this to your to-pay pile.”

I’ve grown to a place where I no longer stress over having enough money. If you work hard and have enough faith, God will make sure everything falls into place. I’ve also grown to a place where I’m okay with leaning on my parents financially when I need to. I use to allow others to make me feel bad when my parents would help me with my finances, but I learned they were only jealous because they didn’t have a family unit that would do the same for them. If you’re blessed enough to have family around you that you can depend on for financial help, take it. Shed the idea that it makes you “less of a grown-up.” If you are an adult dealing with real-life adult situations then no one can rid you of your adult label.

I’m now okay with knowing I’m still trying to make it to where I want to be financially. I have to remind myself I am only 26, I’ve accomplished ALOT, and I still have aways to go. So what if I don’t have an extra six-figures sitting in a bank account yet, I’m working towards it, and that’s what truly counts.

So do yourself a favor, and stop comparing your quality of life to others. Everyone’s financial situation is different and you could be comparing yourself to someone whose life is financially set up completely differently than yours. Stop beating yourself up because your younger self thought you would have more by this age. Sometimes life doesn’t work out the way you fantasized it would, and that’s okay.  You have to remind yourself that in the near future you will be able to buy every fabulous thing money can buy plus more. In the meantime enjoy life, focus on bettering yourself,  and reaching YOUR specific financial goal. 

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