Interview: Meet Brittany Eve, Founder of The Loc’d & Curly Hair Affair 

Brittany Eve is a New Orleans creator and writer, she holds two degrees: one in Marketing and the other in English, and like myself she is a self-proclaimed jack of many trades. She is the owner of Modern Renaissance Woman, LLC and the founder of The Loc’d & Curly Hair Affair, an event dedicated to bringing the natural hair community together.

Brittany and I go as many New Orleanians would say, way back. We attended high school together (shout out to that Purple and Old Gold). As the years grew, and we followed each other on social media, I realized she and I ideals aligned. We’re both black women that recognize the importance that lies within black beauty, and the sanctity that comes when you begin to appreciate your blackness.

When Britany announced she was producing an event dedicated to black hair and black beauty entitled “The Loc’d and Curly Hair Affair,” I knew I had to not only attend it but feature her on DATC. Enjoy our interview below!

DM: So the event is only one week away how are you feeling?

BE: Honestly, I am a nervous wreck, lol. I have coordinated/ produced events before but this is my baby. I feel the way my mom probably felt when she dropped me off for the first day of school; I’m excited and proud to present this event to the world, but beyond nervous of how the world will receive it.

DM: What made you want to produce an event such as The Loc’d and Curly Affair?

BE: The idea for this event was created over brunch with a close friend of mine. We were talking about what goals we wanted to achieve for the year and some how shifted the conversation to my hair (my favorite subject, lol). I spoke on the lack of representation of locs in the natural hair community and how there needed to be something that united curls and locs instead of separating them. After my mini rant, my amazing friend said something along the lines of, “Why don’t you create that space?” I thought about it, sipped my coffee and my mind was made up. Now it’s five months later and the Loc’d & Curly Hair Affair is here.

DM: As you mentioned earlier, you’re not new to producing events, but how does this particular event differ from your past ones?

BE: This [event] is my baby. LCHA differs because I have literally lived my life through curls and now with locs. This event is a medley of everything I love, event planning, natural hair and people of color. LCHA is more than something for me to do, it is a platform that was created to help others learn to celebrate loving themselves naturally.

DM: Speaking of loving yourself what was your experience like growing up as a dark-skinned black girl in New Orleans?

BE: Growing up in New Orleans was a life changing experience. A lot of people don’t know, but I moved to New Orleans when I was 7 from Las Vegas where there were mostly Caucasians and Hispanics. So being home, in N.O., I felt like I belonged. Of course, there were moments when kids would tease me about being “too dark” or having “nappy hair” when my new growth was coming in, but my mother always let me know that I was beautiful. She always raved about how pretty my brown skin was. She was/is my constant reminder that no matter what anyone says or thinks, I am a beautiful black queen.

DM: I totally understand that, my mom always reinforced how my skin was beautiful as well. As a New Orleanian, how important is it to have an event such as this one, and others like it around the New Orleans area?

BE: It is very important to have these events because it brings a little light to shine within the city. These spaces help people to let go of the outside noise and just breathe. We need as many outlets as possible to let loose and show love.

DM: I agree. New Orleans is a hectic city, we all are in need of a space where we can just be sometimes.  So what can people expect from the The Loc’d and Curly Affair?

BE: I want everyone to expect a celebration! This will be different from most natural hair events. I’ve partnered with amazing people to bring this event to life. The talented DJ Legatron Prime will be spinning black girl magic, Baby Bangz Salon is gracious enough to be on the panel discussion and answer questions, there will be live demos from Ed, my stylist and Queen’s Crown, vendors from all over the city and many more goodies. I also can’t express enough that this event is for EVERYONE, men that includes you too. I can’t wait for everyone to experience this.

DM: It all sounds so exciting! What impact would you like this event to have in society?

BE: I want this event to catapult a change in the natural hair community. I want this to get people excited about who they are and wanting to support others that are just like them. My goal is to take this celebration on the road. I want to travel to different states, especially HBCUs, to share this experience with others. Then make the Loc’d & Curly Hair Affair brand worldwide. I promise it will be a household name.

DM: I’m confident it will be a household brand very soon. Any future endeavors you would like to share with the DATC readers?

BE: Yes, this is just the start of the Loc’d & Curly Hair Affair brand. I have a lot of ideas cooking up for more LCHA affiliated events, possibly releasing merchandise for the new year and making sure the annual Loc’d & Curly Hair Affair continues to grow bigger and better every year.

*The Loc’d and Curly Affair will take place this Sunday, June 4th at the Propeller Incubator for 3pm

To learn more about Brittany Eve and The Loc’d and Curly Hair Affair visit:  instagram: @locdandcurlyhairaffair  @_brittanyeve


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