A Time Remembered…

*Schwegmann Grocery Bag, a staple grocery store for all New Orleans-Area families. 

My husband and I went grocery shopping recently, we were complaining about the high cost of food. As we loaded our groceries in the car, my husband said ” do you remember how cheap everything was when we were younger?” 

As we drove along, I remembered a time long ago when every two weeks me, my sisters, mom and dad would go grocery shopping at Schwegmann Giant Supermarket. My parents would have a basket of food filled to the top with: meats, cookies, chips, cold drinks and so on. When at the register they did not squinch their eyes at the sheer terror of the total of the bill. During the summer when we were out of school my mom would send my sister and me to the neighborhood store across the tracks from our house. She would give us three dollars and we would come home with a pound each of bologna, pepper sausage, ham, and a large bread. We would also get change back which we spent on candy, mama didn’t mind. Back in the day cold drinks were six cents for a  small drink and fifteen cents for a large. A large bread was twenty five cents and a small Bunny bread was fifteen cents. That was a wonderful time financially for families, you could actually feed your family and pay your bills. 

Now-a-days your grocery basket is half full, you’ve made your list and you get only what you need. When your groceries are totaled you feel faint, and need to sit down, some nice person brings you a cup of water. Ok, that really doesn’t happen, but I have seen some people look confused at their bill, and oh am I one of them!!! 

If you could, would you go back in time to grocery shop, I know I would. 

Well, I’ll be signing off now, until next time. 

Bottoms Up!!!!!!

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