Focus: [foh-kuh s]
definition: a central point, as of attraction, attention, or activity.

Stay focused. YOUR focus is your biggest fan in your race to whatever your goals are. Make the world focus on you. If you get your hair done, ROCK it. If you get a new car, keep it CLEAN so they notice. 

Tell the world focus on you. This means that you have to focus on yourself and your growth. What can you do better? How can you get to the next step? These are questions you should be asking at least once a month. I feel that asking daily cause stress and anxiety, plus neither are cute and concealer is expensive. Just a quick thought. 

IN the end there are only a few main points. MAINTAIN your focus. PURSUE what you are focused on. IGNORE anything that isn’t focused on you (except your job, them hoes pay you). Last but not least PURSUE anything that you focus on WHOLEHEARTEDLY. 

Stay creative, Stay inspired, Stay awesome,

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