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5 Artists You Should Know: Women’s Future Month Edition

Happy Monday folks! It’s that time of the month again when I highlight some of my fave artists. In honor of Women’s History/Future Month, I’ve composed a list of five of my favorite female musicians at the moment. Be sure to view the list below!

#1. H.E.R.

I discovered H.E.R. via soundcloud about 6 months ago, and I’ve pretty much listened to her everyday since. The identity of this artist comes with an air of mystery, very similar to The Weeknd before he was a mainstream artist. All that is known about H.E.R. is that she is a woman, and a highly talented one. Even though her identity may be a mystery, she completely exposes herself in her lyrics. H.E.R.’s music is very vulnerable, and often describes every millennial’s love life down to a tee.

♫ Losing x H.E.R. 

#2. Ella Mai

Originally for London, Ella Mai is a r&b singer/songwriter. I credit Google Play for helping me discover her music, however Ella was discovered like many artists these days via Instagram. Ella is a true talent, and has a beautiful sultry voice.

♫ 10,000 Hours x Ella Mai

#3. Bibi Bourelly

Bibi Bourelly is singer/songwriter. She gained notoriety for being the co-writer of Rihanna’s hit single “Bxtch Betta Have My Money.” I discovered Bibi Bourelly one night while watching BET Jams, and her fiery tune “Ego” instantly became my theme song for most of 2016. Bibi music is raw, heartfelt, and honest. After listening to one of her songs you’ll feel prepared to take on anything this world may throw your way.

♫ Riot x Bibi Bourelly 

#4. Dreezy 

Dreezy is a r&b/rap artist that hails from Chicago and reps her city to the fullest. I discovered Dreezy as a rapper first, and then after researching her music later found out she was a singer as well. Even though she is equally amazing at both, I love what she is bringing to the male-dominated rap game right now. Her lyrics often reflect the importance of women power and ladies sticking together.

♫ Serena x Dreezy

#5. Kelela

Kelela has been on my radar for maybe the past 3 years or so now. Her dope aesthetic screams artistry at it’s finest. Kelela’s music is the epitome of chill vibes. She is also very culturally aware of what’s going on in the world, and she is never afraid to speak out about it.

♫ Send Me Out x Kelela

Hope you all enjoyed the list. What female musicians have you been vibing to this Women’s History/Future Month?! I would love to hear about it in the comments!


A Time Remembered…

*Schwegmann Grocery Bag, a staple grocery store for all New Orleans-Area families. 

My husband and I went grocery shopping recently, we were complaining about the high cost of food. As we loaded our groceries in the car, my husband said ” do you remember how cheap everything was when we were younger?” 

As we drove along, I remembered a time long ago when every two weeks me, my sisters, mom and dad would go grocery shopping at Schwegmann Giant Supermarket. My parents would have a basket of food filled to the top with: meats, cookies, chips, cold drinks and so on. When at the register they did not squinch their eyes at the sheer terror of the total of the bill. During the summer when we were out of school my mom would send my sister and me to the neighborhood store across the tracks from our house. She would give us three dollars and we would come home with a pound each of bologna, pepper sausage, ham, and a large bread. We would also get change back which we spent on candy, mama didn’t mind. Back in the day cold drinks were six cents for a  small drink and fifteen cents for a large. A large bread was twenty five cents and a small Bunny bread was fifteen cents. That was a wonderful time financially for families, you could actually feed your family and pay your bills. 

Now-a-days your grocery basket is half full, you’ve made your list and you get only what you need. When your groceries are totaled you feel faint, and need to sit down, some nice person brings you a cup of water. Ok, that really doesn’t happen, but I have seen some people look confused at their bill, and oh am I one of them!!! 

If you could, would you go back in time to grocery shop, I know I would. 

Well, I’ll be signing off now, until next time. 

Bottoms Up!!!!!!


It was out of character for me to not enjoy the Oscars. First, this recent Oscars featured the most diverse films of the year. Moonlight, a film centering around a black, gay male; Hidden Figures, the triumph story of three African American women pioneers at NASA ; and Fences, the beautifully crafted August Wilson tale of the everyman. As an actor, These featured films and documentaries that explored accustomed environments, spoke unfiltered language, and reflected recognizable people should’ve kept me in awe. However, I was solemn.

The previous night Chyna Doll Dupree was shot ten times, leaving the Earth sweet memories of a vibrant performer. I never met her. I never met Trayvon Martin, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X , Harvey Milk and countless others that had to feel small caps of steel, piercing through their bodies.

As a distraction from empathy, I poured a glass of champagne anticipating Denzel’s victory; he was the front-runner for Best Actor. Though Viola Davis and Marhershala Ali brought Oscar’s home, it wasn’t a surprise because they’ve been collecting accolades the whole award season. I needed Denzel to win. Denzel always had an uplifting, eloquent speech to tie into his award. Casey Affleck seized the Oscar. I gulped some champagne.

With the main category, Best Picture, left to present, the room’s atmosphere became lighter. Hidden Figures or Moonlight would be the barrier of our good vibes. A win for either film would be a sigh of relief. La La Land was announced as the winner. Immediately, I felt defeated, hoping the champagne would be first aid to my bruised ego. Though a bit dramatic, I asked myself is there solace? To be so close , yet , so far.

I decided to focus on the important matters by deciphering what I could do to ensure Chyna Doll’s justice. A Facebook post wouldn’t suffice. As the ideas flowed, my phone received a text:

It was a mishap! MOONLIGHT WON!


Focus: [foh-kuh s]
definition: a central point, as of attraction, attention, or activity.

Stay focused. YOUR focus is your biggest fan in your race to whatever your goals are. Make the world focus on you. If you get your hair done, ROCK it. If you get a new car, keep it CLEAN so they notice. 

Tell the world focus on you. This means that you have to focus on yourself and your growth. What can you do better? How can you get to the next step? These are questions you should be asking at least once a month. I feel that asking daily cause stress and anxiety, plus neither are cute and concealer is expensive. Just a quick thought. 

IN the end there are only a few main points. MAINTAIN your focus. PURSUE what you are focused on. IGNORE anything that isn’t focused on you (except your job, them hoes pay you). Last but not least PURSUE anything that you focus on WHOLEHEARTEDLY. 

Stay creative, Stay inspired, Stay awesome,

*images of courtesy of bing images