The V-Day Playlist: 14 Songs That With Create The Perfect Sexy Vibe 

I’m sure if you are attached to someone then you’re aware that tomorrow is the lover’s holiday. That’s right people, February 14th has rolled around yet again. Couples everywhere will be partaking in romantic dinners, sharing intimacy, and umm…having lots of sex. I’ve curated the perfect playlist that will set a sensual and sultry mood for you and your bae to enjoy tomorrow’s sexy festivities. Check it out below.

1. Jupiter x Gallant

2. Hit Of You x Paloma Ford 

3. Blind Man x Xavier Omär 

4. Keep You In Mind x Gourdon Banks

5.  Found x Ella Mai 

6. Lovesick x Banks

7. Last Cigarette x Ro James 

8. Love You x SiR

9. No Less x SG Lewis ft. Louis Mattrs

10. Queen x SiR

11. Wait For You x H.E.R.

12. Apple Cherry x Nao

13.  Sacrifices x Tinashe

14. All 4 U x Kyle ft. Yuna

I hope you all enjoyed the list. What songs will be on your Valentine’s Day Playlist this year?! I would love to hear about them in the comments!


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