2016…The Year Of Preparation.

*me 12/29/16, feeling incredibly calm, reflective, thankful, and the epitome of #blackgirlmagic

2016 turned out to be a rather interesting year for me. I accomplished ALOT, and reached some major milestones within my personal and professional lives. However, I would be lying if I didn’t say for every milestone I hit, I was faced with some obstacles. I’ve always heard people say the more success you gain in life, the more bullshxt you have to deal with, and after this year I can contest that is indeed true. I quickly came to the realization as a human being there is only so much pressure I can handle on my own. I was more thankful for my relationship with God than ever before. Once I fully put my faith and trust in God, everything in my life began to run smoothly. God gave me the strength to not even see my setbacks as obstacles, but more like pop quizzes I knew I had all the answers to.

I retrained my brain in a way this year, that I’m positive life’s bullshxt or negative people could never bring me down. The old saying is true, misery does in fact love company, and when people see that you are genuinely happy and doing well they will do anything in their power to put a stop to it. After much prayer, contemplating, and several conversations with those that love me, I came to the conclusion that the problem is not truly with me, but whom I represent to them. Not to sound conceited, but I know who I am and I know where I’m going and that simple way of thinking will forever threaten individuals that don’t. It wasn’t until this year that I truly understood that. To someone who hasn’t quite become in tuned with their greatness yet, I probably am too much for them to deal with, and I’m sure my presence is intimidating. However, I had to remind myself that is their problem and not mines. You can not allow people’s negativity to affect you or change your character. The best thing to do is to pray for unhappy souls, and move on.

Although personally I may have not experienced anything tragic (Thank God), the world around me was in a total uproar. I think for the first time in my lifetime I watched this country be in total chaos. Racial tension grew thick, and everyone’s prejudices were on full display. I cried more this year than I’ve ever done throughout my entire lifetime. Allowing myself to fully feel every single once of hurt, did more for my soul than I ever could imagine. I’ve always been one to feel crying is therapeutic, but after this year I truly know that.

2016 was a downright emotional roller coaster. As I reflect back on the year, I experienced a lot of wonderful changes, and God blessed me in so many beautiful ways I lost count. However, for every blessing I received I was also humbled, and reminded life is not filled with sugar plums and fairies. I overcame a lot emotionally, and every experience helped me learn a little bit more about myself and my resilience. As a young, black businesswoman in this world, the foundation of who I am has to be solid. This year taught me that I am everything I say I am, to be proud of the woman I’ve grown into, and to stand tall within the excellence that I exude. As I enter 2017, I know I’m fully prepared for whatever life throws my way. Between God’s grace, my intellect, and the support of my loved ones I can handle anything.

It’s been real 2016 (like really real *laughs*), here’s to 2017 being a remarkable and dazzling year!

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