The Day America’s Mirror Shattered. 

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Unless you’ve been living under a silent proof rock bounded by a magnetic forcefield,  then you probably know GOP candidate donald trump was elected president on last week. You also probably know that half of America is in an uproar about it. I for one was not thrilled about trump being elected president for several obvious reasons, and it’s taking me some days to process the results of the election. Being the bonafide liberal that I am, trump’s political proposals during his campaigning have gone against every single one of my political beliefs. Plus we’ve all seen what can happen to minorities when conservatives attempt to run the country.

As a young black woman that works in the customer service industry, I get a first-hand chance to see how America treats one another. Between the blatant displays of racism, classism, and sexism I’m subjected to on a daily basis, trust me when I say we have more work to do as a country than sit around and be angry and depressed about this year’s election results.

I witness people everyday who claim to be tolerant display extreme acts of micro-aggressions. Some of the exact same people who are devastated over trump being the new president elect, can’t fathom why I stand with #blacklivesmatter or #nodapl. As someone that considers herself to be a serious activist, I don’t believe in being choosy with what problems I associate myself with. I believe in fighting for the equality of all people. I believe that all of God’s living creatures deserve respect. And I believe in standing up for everyone whether I understand their struggle or not. However, most people only fight for social injustices that personally affects them, and that is a real issue.

So yes, this year’s election may have not gone in favor of several Americans, but one thing it did do was force us all as a country to take off those rose-colored glasses we’ve become so accustomed to wearing. I think for the first time everyone as a whole is collectively seeing this country for what it is…broken. Something that individuals like myself have known for years.

As much as most Americans hate to admit it, we as a country have never been great. We’ve never dealt with our flaws, and we’ve constantly told minorities their thoughts and opinions did not matter because they weren’t the majority. Instead of actually having open dialogue with one another, we would only discuss social issues amongst ourselves fearing that people who looked different than us wouldn’t understand. We learned to deflect our pain as a country by not dealing with the hurt of the past and only focusing on the progressions we’ve made thus far. Some even went as to far as to express certain social issues were figments of people’s imaginations.

So now the time has come and we can no longer as a country run from the truth. It’s time for all Americans to have a honest conversation with themselves, and ask questions such as: Why do I only care about social issues that personally affect me? Or do I even understand the real meaning of what tolerance is? We have to rewire the way we view the outside world. It’s time to do the work. It won’t be easy, but I believe in us as a country and I know we can do it. Will everyone be willing to change? Absolutely not. Half of Americans fear change, and the other half feel too entitled to want equal rights for all. Due to their close-mindedness rights for all will somehow take away from their own personal freedom.

The sad truth is we may not ever be able to get all Americans on the same page, and you know what that is okay. However, it is time for those of us who believe in real equality and justice for all to come together so we can create a better country for everyone. It’s time to stop prioritizing social issues and say if this problem is affecting you, then I empathize and stand with you and will help you fight until you no longer feel that pain anymore. I have faith in us as a people and I know we can do it.

This election may have not gone the way many of us wanted it to, and honestly has caused several individuals a great deal of hurt and pain, but now is not the time to channel our pain into anger. Sitting around being angry will not help with the progression of this country. Now is the time to remain faithful to God. I’m a firm believer that everything in this world happens for a reason, and although we may be unclear as to what that particular reason may be, God is always in the plan. Please know that everything will eventually work out the way it is suppose to.

Americans across this country I challenge you to stand up for what is right even in the midst of uncertainty. Please do not wallow in your pain, but instead use it to start an initiative to better educate Americans everywhere. Continue to protest, continue to ban together, and most importantly continue to love and do not allow the hatred of others to detour you from what you believe in.

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