8 Songs That Will Get You Through The Week! 

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Happy Monday everyone! Yes, I said happy Monday. Okay, okay you caught me, I’m usually not this cheery and happy on a Monday, but I’m learning to appreciate each and every day more. So this week I refuse to succumb to the oh so common “Monday Blues,” and I’m claiming that I’m going to have a fabulous week.

Since music is one of my happy places, I’ve decided to compile a list of 8 of my fave songs that I’ll be depending on to get me through the week. Check them out below!

1. Already Knew That x Ro James

2. LUV x Tory Lanez

3. All 4 You x Kyle ft. Yuna

4. No Less x SG Lewis ft. Louis Mttrs

5. Knew Better / Forever Boy x Ariana Grande

6. This Is What You Came For x Calvin Harris ft. Rihanna

7. Ocean Floor Kisses x Galimatias

8. All Alright x Kyle

I hope you all enjoyed the list!

Remember if the cosmic demons try to get to you this week, just breathe, put on this playlist, and think happy thoughts. It will be the weekend before you know it.


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