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Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit Of Happiness

*photo taken at The Ugly Dog Saloon Restaurant & Bar, located in downtown New Orleans, LA

Well my heart is officially broken…and no it’s not because a cute guy didn’t text me back or I didn’t get a chance to buy one of my favorite things but over something that is truly serious.

On last night, two of my little cousins (ages 7 and 8) and I were discussing how they view the world, I was expecting light-hearted answers that reminded me of the joys of childhood, instead their answers were discerning and beyond heartbreaking. They began to tell me how they were scared of America, because this country does not like people that are their skin color. When I asked how did they know this my 7 yr old little cousin responded by saying “Because people keep getting shot.”

I swear my soul temporarily exited my body, and tears began to heavily fall down my face. I couldn’t believe the reality of what it is to be Black in America is affecting them already. However, I shouldn’t be surprised. I was only a couple of years older when I first realized being a black person in America comes with a lot of emotional trauma (when I was about 10 years old I was called a n**ger for the first time). I just can’t seem to wrap my head around the fact that almost 20 years later we are still living in a world where racial discrimination is still a huge part of our society. Or even that there are still people that openly tell Black people that racism doesn’t exist.

I continuously tell myself that one day our country will come together and have this kumbayah moment, and we’ll realize that we are all one race…the human race. I keep praying that one day this country will realize that fighting one another and hating one another won’t solve anything, but as I grow older I’m growing more doubtful of that idea. Black people are literally saying please stop killing us and people are saying “Well…” I’m not sure what it will take for this country to finally come together, or if we will come together at all.

It’s time for all Americans to look in the mirror and see our country for what it really is…fxcked up. Whether we want to face it or not our country is going through an extremely traumatic time right now, and children are seeing that. They are internalizing this country’s pain, and nothing good can come from manifested pain. We have got to come together to create a better America. A country thats’ foundation is built on love, understanding, forgiveness and not fear. If not history is just going to continue to repeat itself. Will we one day live in a world that is free of all hate? Probably not, but I’m clinging to the faith that one day we will live in a better America, and this country will truly be the land of “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

Until Next Time,

America…The Beautiful?

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I remember the exact moment I decided to not recite the words of the pledge to allegiance at a school assembly. I was 14 years old stuck in Smyrna, GA after being displaced by Hurricane Katrina. As I looked around at everyone, I kept thinking how un-american I felt, and how pledging my allegiance to that red, white, and blue flag just didn’t feel right anymore.

Fast-forward almost 11 years later and I still feel uneasy when it comes to identifying myself as an American. Yes, I know I was born in this country which technically makes me an American citizen. However, this country subconsciously tells me everyday that my life as a Black American is not valued.

Being an American that belongs to any type of “minority” group is extremely difficult, especially being a Black American. I’m told to love a country that so openly does not love people that look like me (and if you object to this statement you clearly haven’t seen the news or social media lately). I live in fear everyday because I know my life can quickly be brought to a halt due to the color of my skin. And don’t let me even get started on the psychological effects being a Black person in America can have on you.

As much as we try to ignore it, this country is just not the home of the free and the brave. Freedom is limited here, and is only awarded to those who are the “right” color, and have enough money to buy it. And bravery? I’m not sure if it even exist. The truth is our country is only brave when it comes to going to a pointless war with another country (unfortunately, we have yet to learn you can’t use violence to bring about peace), but when it comes to speaking out about real problems everyone seems to turn their heads and look the other way.

So how does one look pass America’s flaws? Well…you don’t. It’s time for all Americans to begin to get real about how fxcked up this country really is and stop turning a blind eye. It’s time to dismantle, reconstruct, and rebuild our justice system because 98 % of the time it only works in the favor of one group of people. It’s time to stop only caring about issues that specifically affect you as an individual. It’s time to come together as a people, and support one another. Most importantly, it’s time to unconditionally love one another. We need each other more than ever right now.

To all the Americans that have been fighting to make America’s motto a true statement, I just want to say thank you. Please continue to demonstrate, and bring awareness to just how flawed this country actaully is. We will be heard, and change will come. I have faith that one day, and one day soon, this country will be “The home of the free and the brave”…for everyone.

Until Next Time,

8 Songs That Will Get You Through The Week! 

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Happy Monday everyone! Yes, I said happy Monday. Okay, okay you caught me, I’m usually not this cheery and happy on a Monday, but I’m learning to appreciate each and every day more. So this week I refuse to succumb to the oh so common “Monday Blues,” and I’m claiming that I’m going to have a fabulous week.

Since music is one of my happy places, I’ve decided to compile a list of 8 of my fave songs that I’ll be depending on to get me through the week. Check them out below!

1. Already Knew That x Ro James

2. LUV x Tory Lanez

3. All 4 You x Kyle ft. Yuna

4. No Less x SG Lewis ft. Louis Mttrs

5. Knew Better / Forever Boy x Ariana Grande

6. This Is What You Came For x Calvin Harris ft. Rihanna

7. Ocean Floor Kisses x Galimatias

8. All Alright x Kyle

I hope you all enjoyed the list!

Remember if the cosmic demons try to get to you this week, just breathe, put on this playlist, and think happy thoughts. It will be the weekend before you know it.