“So How Was LA?…”

*Me 3/21/16 on the famed Melrose Ave.

As most of you all may know, on last month I embarked on a 3 week journey to Los Angeles to further my acting career. The trip was truly a success. I was blessed to actually get a few supporting roles on some indie projects, and audition for a slew of union projects (and got some callbacks too)! I was in full-on actress mode while I was out there. I took a step back from everything else in my life and was fully committed to booking great gigs. 

Before living in LA for those three weeks I had all these preconceived notions of what Los Angeles would be. I expected it be ultra luxurious, where skinny models and actors roamed but surprisingly that was not true. After being there for about week or so I came to the conclusion everything I had ever learned about LA was a lie. 

It wasn’t filled with fancy cars or fabulously dressed people everywhere. And before you all say she must of not really been living in LA, LA. Oh but I was, I lived in the heart of the swanky and glamorous neighborhood West Hollywood right between Santa Monica Blvd and Melrose. The only thing accurate about LA was that it was filled with people in the entertainment world (i.e. models and actors) but they looked just like everyone else in the world…normal. 

Normal was just not something I expected from LA, but I’m glad it was not as fabulous as I thought it would be, because I was able to focus on the real reason I was there. 

I must say I learned a lot about myself as an artist while I was out there. I realized I have exactly what it takes to make it in the film industry and how to trust myself as an actress. I learned that I have real work ethic, and that I truly do work hard. I’m so very critical of myself (it’s the Virgo in me). I always feel I could being doing more, done something better, given more. While in LA I learned I work pretty damn hard and truthfully I could loosen up a little on myself ( I most likely won’t, but I like the idea that I could). 

My LA experience taught me to be more proud of myself and my accomplishments, and to stop doubting myself and my talents. I grew so much as a person over those 3 quick weeks. I truly enjoyed my time there. It’s the coolest things to watch your dreams come true before your eyes. I know God has so much more in-store for me not just as an actress but as a person, and I’m looking forward it. Being there helped me to remember how blessed I am, and how thankful and grateful I am. Most people never get the chance to turn their dreams into reality and God is granting me that opportunity. 

So here’s to my future…here’s to me becoming one of the most grandest actresses the world has ever seen…and lastly here’s to Los Angeles. For you taught me so much and reaffirmed what I already knew. 

Well Until Next Time,

*Be sure to be on the lookout for my Los Angeles travel diary featuring art, fabulous places to party and dine, and things to do there coming soon.

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