2016 Met Gala Recap: My Top 10 Fave Looks! 



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On yesterday every fashionistas favorite event was held, the annual Met Gala, which benefits the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York City. Every year the event’s chairpersons pick a costume theme that all attendees should be in aligned with. This year’s theme was “Manus X Machina: Fashion In An Age of Technology.” So naturally I was expecting the attendees to bring a futuristic esthetic to this year’s ball. While many of the attendees looked simply gorgeous, not everyone was in line with the “Manus X Machina” theme. However, some of the attendees nailed the theme right on the head! I’ve complied a list of my top 10 favorite looks of the evening. Check them out below!


#10. Beyoncé in Givenchy

At first sight I didn’t know how how I felt about Bey’s gown, but as I thought more about the theme I realized she killed it. What is more futuristic then a gown made entirely of latex, and the pearl detailing was simply gorgeous.

#9. Amandla Steinberg in Calvin Klein

Amandla is one of my style favorites. Everything about her style screams futuristic to me already, even this beautiful burgundy pants suit. In the future ball gowns will be a thing of the past…I totally get it.

#8. Naomie Harris in Burberry

I gagged when I fist saw Naomie’s gown! It is just gorgeous. I just love the esthetic it.

#7. Solange Knowles in David LaPort

I knew Solange wouldn’t disappoint when it came to this year’s theme. She lives in a futuristic world of her own anyway. This bright whimsical number was just perfect for her.

#6. Kate Hudson in Versace

Kate never disappoints when it comes to the style department. This cut-out, bridal couture gown has futuristic and out of this world written all over it.

#5. Ciara in H&M

I adored Ciara’s entire look! The platinum silver colored hair, the beautiful slinky flesh-toned bejeweled gown, she looked as if she time traveled back to 2016 to attend this event.

#4. Lupita Nyongo in Calvin Klien

Oh Miss Lupita does not play when it comes to the red carpet. She effortlessly nails it everytime. Her out of this world do topped this look off perfectly.

#3. Rita Ora in Vera Wang

From the moment I saw Rita in this silver painted, feathered gown I knew it would be one of my “Top 10” looks of the evening. This gown fit her beautifully and she looked like pure perfection!

#2. Karolina Kurkova in Marchesa

This beautiful gown was such a show-stopper! The tulle! The embroidered flowers!  How it lit up! It gave me my entire existence.

#1. Claire Danes in Zac Posen 

Once Claire hit the red carpet in this mesmerizing number, it was OVER for everyone else at the ball. This pale blue gown was simple gorgeous. The best part? It glowed in the dark, and what’s more futuristic than that?!

Who wore some of your fave looks of the night?! I would love to hear about it in the comments!


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