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#IAin’tSorry: The Importance of Never Apologizing For Your Confidence

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I haven’t always been this strong, self-assured, and confident woman that I am today. I can recall a time in my life where I was so lost or even confused on what it even meant to be a confident woman. Growing up, I was always surrounded by such beautiful and strong women, who without even saying one word commanded the attention of everyone every time they walked into a room. Something I always wanted, but never quite understood how to do.

When I got to my teen years, like most people I began to second-guess everything about me, and truthfully I began to ask the age old question “Am I good enough?” I would pick myself a part physically and mentally. It didn’t matter how much others complimented me, I never quite believed them, I almost felt like they saw me as severely flawed and only told me positive things out of pity. This way of thinking lasted until maybe my sophomore year of college.

At 19, I began to learn about the art of Kabbalah. Kabbalah means to receive, and is the ancient wisdom that reveals how the universe and life work. It teaches you how to receive fulfillment within your life. A huge part of Kabbalah is reciting healthy affirmations. I began to really sit with myself, meditate, and learn why I felt such negative things about myself. I started practicing daily affirmations that focused on inner peace and understanding my self-worth.

After about a month or so of reciting my affirmations, I started believing others when they complimented me because I began to see the beauty within myself. I began to realize perfection is not attainable and that I am a work of art created by God himself (or herself) and that alone makes me good enough. I stopped apologizing for my beliefs and morals. I stopped caring about others perception of who I am. I began to truly see myself, my real self, and love the woman who I saw in the mirror everyday.

Cut to now, I am probably the happiest I have ever been with myself. When I say I love me, hunty I love me. I am so proud of the woman that I’ve grown into, and I will never apologize for being authentically myself. I gotten to this space in life where I now know if someone doesn’t like me, it has nothing to do with me but everything to do with them. As my Hébert would say “Hunni, they just can’t take, and that’s okay.” So call me conceited, vain, and any other similar adjective. I’ve worked incredibly hard to become the empowered woman that I am today, and I refuse to apologize for having such a beautiful, bold, and bright aura.

If you haven’t gotten to this place of sanctity please know that it is okay. It takes time, and is not something that will happen overnight. Finding peace within yourself is not an easy thing, but it is extremely necessary. It’s the only true way you will grow. I promise you that one day you will get there.

Remember being beautiful has nothing to do with physicality, but everything to do with who you are on the inside. Truly beautiful people have a light that comes from within them. They have an energy that is unmatched. And they have a spirit that is so captivating you can feel the happiest that lies within their soul.

Now go out find your inner-peace, find your happiness, and most importantly find your self-worth…and don’t you ever apologize for it.


“So How Was LA?…”

*Me 3/21/16 on the famed Melrose Ave.

As most of you all may know, on last month I embarked on a 3 week journey to Los Angeles to further my acting career. The trip was truly a success. I was blessed to actually get a few supporting roles on some indie projects, and audition for a slew of union projects (and got some callbacks too)! I was in full-on actress mode while I was out there. I took a step back from everything else in my life and was fully committed to booking great gigs. 

Before living in LA for those three weeks I had all these preconceived notions of what Los Angeles would be. I expected it be ultra luxurious, where skinny models and actors roamed but surprisingly that was not true. After being there for about week or so I came to the conclusion everything I had ever learned about LA was a lie. 

It wasn’t filled with fancy cars or fabulously dressed people everywhere. And before you all say she must of not really been living in LA, LA. Oh but I was, I lived in the heart of the swanky and glamorous neighborhood West Hollywood right between Santa Monica Blvd and Melrose. The only thing accurate about LA was that it was filled with people in the entertainment world (i.e. models and actors) but they looked just like everyone else in the world…normal. 

Normal was just not something I expected from LA, but I’m glad it was not as fabulous as I thought it would be, because I was able to focus on the real reason I was there. 

I must say I learned a lot about myself as an artist while I was out there. I realized I have exactly what it takes to make it in the film industry and how to trust myself as an actress. I learned that I have real work ethic, and that I truly do work hard. I’m so very critical of myself (it’s the Virgo in me). I always feel I could being doing more, done something better, given more. While in LA I learned I work pretty damn hard and truthfully I could loosen up a little on myself ( I most likely won’t, but I like the idea that I could). 

My LA experience taught me to be more proud of myself and my accomplishments, and to stop doubting myself and my talents. I grew so much as a person over those 3 quick weeks. I truly enjoyed my time there. It’s the coolest things to watch your dreams come true before your eyes. I know God has so much more in-store for me not just as an actress but as a person, and I’m looking forward it. Being there helped me to remember how blessed I am, and how thankful and grateful I am. Most people never get the chance to turn their dreams into reality and God is granting me that opportunity. 

So here’s to my future…here’s to me becoming one of the most grandest actresses the world has ever seen…and lastly here’s to Los Angeles. For you taught me so much and reaffirmed what I already knew. 

Well Until Next Time,

*Be sure to be on the lookout for my Los Angeles travel diary featuring art, fabulous places to party and dine, and things to do there coming soon.

2016 Met Gala Recap: My Top 5 Beauty Looks! 

*Oscar and Grammy Winner Jennifer Hudson looking fabulous at the 2016 Met Gala!

As many of you all may know, on yesterday evening the annual Met Gala took place. All of the attendees came to slay this year. Everyone truly looked gorgeous! I enjoyed all the effort the attendees put into this year’s ball. Since I’m still gagging at how beautiful the attendees were this year, I’ve decided to compile a list of my top 5 favorite beauty looks. Check them out below!

#5. Taylor Swift

I adored Taylor’s punk rock look. Her Ash blonde hair and dark berry lip made a beautiful contrast.

#4. Haliee Steinfield 

Hailee’s beauty look screamed va va voom! The sultry eyes, the dark lippie, and the tousled hair pieces…I loved it all!

#3. Amber Heard

Amber’s beauty look screamed Grecian goddess. Her sun-kissed skin, and luscious locks, paired with this berry lip was simply beautiful.

#2. Zendaya 

I loved Zendaya’s 70’s inspired beauty look. It complimented her magnificently. There is just no look this fashionista can’t pull off.

#1. Jennifer Hudson

My fave beauty look of the evening was the fabulous J. Hud. She looked flawless. I lived for the smoky eyes and sassy purple lippie!

I will definitely be trying these beauty looks soon! Which beauty looks from this year’s Met Gala were your favorite?! Tell me about them in the comments!


2016 Met Gala Recap: My Top 10 Fave Looks! 



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On yesterday every fashionistas favorite event was held, the annual Met Gala, which benefits the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York City. Every year the event’s chairpersons pick a costume theme that all attendees should be in aligned with. This year’s theme was “Manus X Machina: Fashion In An Age of Technology.” So naturally I was expecting the attendees to bring a futuristic esthetic to this year’s ball. While many of the attendees looked simply gorgeous, not everyone was in line with the “Manus X Machina” theme. However, some of the attendees nailed the theme right on the head! I’ve complied a list of my top 10 favorite looks of the evening. Check them out below!


#10. Beyoncé in Givenchy

At first sight I didn’t know how how I felt about Bey’s gown, but as I thought more about the theme I realized she killed it. What is more futuristic then a gown made entirely of latex, and the pearl detailing was simply gorgeous.

#9. Amandla Steinberg in Calvin Klein

Amandla is one of my style favorites. Everything about her style screams futuristic to me already, even this beautiful burgundy pants suit. In the future ball gowns will be a thing of the past…I totally get it.

#8. Naomie Harris in Burberry

I gagged when I fist saw Naomie’s gown! It is just gorgeous. I just love the esthetic it.

#7. Solange Knowles in David LaPort

I knew Solange wouldn’t disappoint when it came to this year’s theme. She lives in a futuristic world of her own anyway. This bright whimsical number was just perfect for her.

#6. Kate Hudson in Versace

Kate never disappoints when it comes to the style department. This cut-out, bridal couture gown has futuristic and out of this world written all over it.

#5. Ciara in H&M

I adored Ciara’s entire look! The platinum silver colored hair, the beautiful slinky flesh-toned bejeweled gown, she looked as if she time traveled back to 2016 to attend this event.

#4. Lupita Nyongo in Calvin Klien

Oh Miss Lupita does not play when it comes to the red carpet. She effortlessly nails it everytime. Her out of this world do topped this look off perfectly.

#3. Rita Ora in Vera Wang

From the moment I saw Rita in this silver painted, feathered gown I knew it would be one of my “Top 10” looks of the evening. This gown fit her beautifully and she looked like pure perfection!

#2. Karolina Kurkova in Marchesa

This beautiful gown was such a show-stopper! The tulle! The embroidered flowers!  How it lit up! It gave me my entire existence.

#1. Claire Danes in Zac Posen 

Once Claire hit the red carpet in this mesmerizing number, it was OVER for everyone else at the ball. This pale blue gown was simple gorgeous. The best part? It glowed in the dark, and what’s more futuristic than that?!

Who wore some of your fave looks of the night?! I would love to hear about it in the comments!