OMG! It’s Been A Year?!

I’ll never forget the moment I decided to become a lifestyle blogger. I had been secretly writing poetry and think-pieces on my tablet for maybe a year or so. I would write about my life, the world, and how those around me would make me feel. Creative writing has always been very therapeutic for me. After sharing a few of my pieces with my family they encouraged me to share my passion for writing with the world. At first, I wasn’t sure how to go about doing that, and then one day it dawned on me I’m always giving advice or debating about topics that are near and dear to my heart, why not turn those discussions into blog entries? Well that’s exactly what I did. After that, my website DEVandtheCITY just flawlessly came together. 

It’s a surreal feeling to know my website has been in existence for an entire year now. I have viewers from all over the world, and everyday I find it hard to wrap my head around that idea. I love the fact that I can freely express myself and you all just seem to get me. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that your words resonate with individuals that that are thousand and thousand of miles away. 

To all of the DEVandtheCITY supporters, I just want to say from the bottom of my heart thank you all so, so, SO much! Thanks for sharing my posts on your social sites, for the retweets and favorites, and just for old-fashioned “word of mouth.” You all will never know how much you mean to me. I truly hope you all will continue to support my website and my brand. I look forward to continuing to share my life and thoughts with you all. 

Always remember to keep God first, be kind, remain humble, stay grateful, and that there is no such such thing as a dream being too big. 


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