Fashion Week Lake Charles: 4 Days of Fabulous! 


*James Porter, winner of FWLC 2016 posing with models wearing his Spring 2016 collection of James Allen.

To say Fashion Week Lake Charles was just fabulous is an understatement. FWLC was the epitome of a beautiful fashion extravaganza, and definitely made a splash in the city of Lake Charles! When Julie Branden said she wanted to show the great city of Lake Charles the fashion world she was used to, she truly meant it. The event was well thought out, thoroughly planned, and eloquently presented. From the fashions to the parties to the food I was beyond impressed. Everyone that attended the FWLC events brought their fashion A-game, and I was inspired by all of the grand style I was surrounded by.

Julie Branden, founder of Fashion Week Lake Charles, gave me the wonderful opportunity of being the media correspondent for FWLC. I have to say I was a tad nervous, seeing that I had never been given this type of task before. However, after my first interview I felt right at home. I discovered I have a niche for interviewing people. It was fascinating learning about all the designers, vendors, and attendees. I got a chance to interview some passionate and driven individuals. It was a hectic job, but a fun one!

Be sure to check out all of the footage I captured while I was at FWLC below!

Day 1: Media Soirée Party

Day 1 of FWLC took place at a swanky bar called “The Heist” located in historic downtown Lake Charles. The venue was very glamorous, and set the perfect tone for what Fashion Week Lake Charles had to come. I got a chance to get acquainted with the designers and fellow media personnel’s.

IMG_7428*Candace Grace, owner of GAGG Shoes.

IMG_7439*Candace Grace, Shawn Landry, Cliffany Garrison owner of Cliffany Cosmetics, FWLC designer Lex Fondel owner of ReignWear Designs.

*FWLC Founder Julie Branden and Myself

IMG_7466*FWLC Model Coach Alyssa Burris w/ models. 

Day 2: FWLC Launch Party

Day 2 was all about fun! The FWLC launch party was held at the sexy “Blue Martini Room” in the Golden Nugget Casino Resort. It felt like Las Vegas had come to Lake Charles. There were models covered in body paint, lavish show girls roaming the party, and the drinks were flowing.

IMG_7491*FWLC Media Coordinator Donovan Comeaux and Gale Branden. 

IMG_7483*Alyssa Burris, Myself, and Ciaara Woods.

IMG_7489*Doreen Clark, wearing a ReignWear Design.

IMG_7495*Body paint artwork done by Skin Wars finalist Angela Roberts.

IMG_7497*FWLC designer Barbara Ndarake, owner of Hats by Iniziobella and Julie Branden.


Day 3: FWLC Runway Showcase Day 1

Day 3 was the first day of the fashion showcase, which featured emerging designers. As well as, vendors of all sorts in the Style Lounge. This event was held at the Isle of Capri Casino Resort.

*ShauntealPrejean of Voodoo Makeup and a young model.

IMG_7732*Miss Black Louisiana pageant queens and Donovan Comeaux.

*Pageant queens Maddy Grayce Canik, Skylar Canik, Morgan Monlezun and Mayson Marcle. 

*American Horror Story model Ania Spiering and Julie Branden. 


Day 4: FWLC Runway Showcase Day 2

Day 4 was day two of the fashion showcase, which featured seasoned designers and an array of vendors in the Style Lounge. Hosted at the Isle of Capri Casino Resort.


*FWLC Models Ebobi Johnson and Megan Smith.

*FWLC Hairstylist Valleen Vallare with a model.

*Authoress Sierra Jones-Demouchmet and her husband Dion Demouchet.

*FWLC Founder Julie Branden with NOLAFW Founder Tracee Dumas

*Candace Grace and Myself.

*Barbara Ndarake, myself, and Ekei Ion.

*Ann Monzulen, FWLC Fashion Icon Honoree, and Miss Black Louisiana pageant queen Kiandra Briché.

*Faces of FWLC Cheyenne Horner and LeeZa Thibideaux with Julie Branden.

FWLC was an extraordinary experience. Lake Charles is more than just boudin or cajun country (as I call it). It’s a city filled with some insanely talented designers.

I want to say thank you to FWLC videographer Jason Keyes of Light Media for being such a joy to work with and making my first correspondent job a pleasant experience. Last, but certainly not least, I want to say a huge Thank You to Julie Branden and the entire FWLC production team for allowing me to partake in such an amazing event. It was truly an honor. Even one week later, as I write this, I am still in awe at how beautiful this event was. I am looking forward to Fashion Week Lake Charles 2017!


*Be sure to be on the lookout for more FWLC posts coming soon!

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