Interview: Meet Julie Branden, Founder of Fashion Week Lake Charles!

Photo | c/o Julie Branden

It was no surprise to me when I recieved a call from Julie Branden back in December to be a part of Fashion Week Lake Charles (FWLC), an event she was entirely producing and coordinating by herself. I’ve known Julie practically my entire life, and as far back as I can remember she has always been a fashionista and what I would call an all-around fab girl. Originally a New Orleanian, Julie Branden found herself in Lake Charles, LA due to the displacement of Hurricane Katrina back in 2005. “Lake Charles has the potential to be a huge fashion destination,” Julie said to me at the FWLC casting call back in January. Something I would have to agree with, the city is filled with exquisite hidden boutiques, and fabulous up-and-coming fashion designers. (Click here to view my interviews with Lake Charles-based designers Indrea Gordon and James Porter.)

Of course when people think of fashion, Louisiana is usually not correlated with it. However, Julie Branden intends to change that and put Louisiana on the map for great fashion, and grand style. As the owner of Vivid Image Consulting Salon and Styling Studio, and the only certified image consultant in Louisiana, Julie is the perfect candidate to take on that task. Be sure to read my interview with Julie Branden below!

FWLC is just a few days away! How are you feeling? 

Crazy…nervous…making sure I don’t fall flat on my face. *laughs*

What made you want to start this event? 

I wanted to introduce Lake Charles to the fashion world I know, and  since my granddaughter Gabbi has junior diabetes I figured this event would be a great platform to bring awareness to this dreadful disease. 

 *Gabbi, Julie’s granddaughter. Julie is using FWLC to bring awareness to adolescents suffering from junior diabetes like Gabbi. Image c/o Julie Branden.

I know the theme of FWLC is “Beautiful Chaos.” Why is that? 

When diabetes hits your household it causes chaos, and we all associate fashion with beauty…cue in the event name. 

What can attendees of Fashion Week Lake Charles expect? 

All around fabulousness! It’s a total of 12 shows, and there will be something for everyone. Womenswear, menswear, swimwear, and even kidswear. During the show’s intermission we will have a silent biding taking place. And I’m even going to be bringing a little of New Orleans to Lake Charles! 

What designer’s showcase are you most looking forward to? 

Barbara Ndrake! She designs fascinators. She’s actually flying in all the way from Nigeria for this event.

Being a fashionista yourself, do you think you will ever get into designing? I know you can sew. 

*Laughs* No, I’m busy enough! But I do feel I’ve passed that down to my granddaughter Laci. She’s super creative. 

What is the outcome you would like to see from Fashion Week Lake Charles

I want people to put Lake Charles on their radar when it comes to fashion, we have a lot of talent here but no one knows it. More importantly, I want to turn junior diabetes from “Type 1 to Type none.”

 *Julie Branden with FWLC models.

Fashion Week Lake Charles festivities begin this Thursday, with the “Patron Launch Party,” taking place at the Blue Martini Lounge. The fashion showcases will be Friday, April 15th and Saturday, April 16th at the Isle of Capri Casino and Resort. To purchase tickets click here.

I will be bringing you all the behind scenes coverage of FWLC right here on my website, as I will be serving as the red carpet correspondent for this superb event.

To learn more about Fashion Week Lake Charles. Visit


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