Interview: Meet James Porter, Creator of James Allen Designs

james allen
*image c/o James Porter

A native of Lake Charles, LA, James Porter is a Lake Charles-Based fashion designer, and the owner of the ready-to-wear line, James Allen. James Porter, a self-proclaimed “newbie” to the world of design, has only been professionally designing for less than 5 years. However, James says he always knew he wanted to be a designer, even back when he was in high school he always loved sketching. Recently, his passion for design came back in to full force, and he decided it was time for the fashion world to know his designs…and his name. After playing a bit of a round of phone tag with James Porter, I finally got the chance to speak with him. James Porter will be one of the featured designers at the first annual Fashion Week Lake Charles (FWLC), beginning next Friday. Be sure to read my interview with him below!

How do you feel being a Louisiana native has influenced you as a designer?

The nature…the energy…there are times you can be walking by a store and it gives you a hint of an idea here. The music, the food, the things we are known for…the fleur de lis. I want people to know I am from Louisiana. I’m Bayou Bound. *laughs*

Where did you gain the skill of sewing from?

[A few years ago ] I moved back from Baton Rouge and I decided to get back into sewing. I started taking classes at The Sewing Company.

Who would you say inspires you to design?

Well my teacher at The Sewing Company, Ms. Woods inspires me. I have good friends that I work with, and they are some of my biggest inspirations [as well].

How did you get involved with FWLC?

Actually a friend of mines tagged me in a Facebook post talking about the upcoming event.

ja evening gown
*a sneakpeek of a James Allen couture gown that will be featured in the FWLC Showcase, image c/o James Porter.

I remember you mentioning this is the first time you are participating in an event of this kind, how are you feeling?

I’m super excited…but with a touch of anxiety.

Describe your designs in one word.

Confident. My ultimate goal is for my clients to feel confident in the clothing.

What makes your designs different from other designers?

I actually care about my clients feeling comfortable. My designs are created to fit multiple body types. I’m so tired of seeing people wear clothing that is just not good for them.

What is the legacy you to want to leave behind as a designer?

Recently I’m a huge fan of Tom Ford, Alexander McQueen, even Ralph Lauren, I want James Allen to be in it’s own class by itself, just as these designers are. I want to see a celebrity couple wearing my designs on the red carpet. I want this company to be timeless and last as long as possible. 

ja swimuits design
*some of the James Allen Swimwear pieces that will be featured in the FWLC Showcase, image c/o James Porter.

Make sure to catch the fabulous designs of James Allen and other wonderful designers next weekend at FWLC. To purchase tickets for the fashion extravaganza click here!


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  1. Renella Coker says:

    James Porter is my nephew and I’m very proud of his accomplishments. I pray his dreams come to fruition. He is a great man with integrity which makes for good combination to become whatever he desires.

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