5 Lippies You Have To Try This Spring!

spring lippies
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I simply adore the spring time! You finally get a chance to put away your bulky sweaters and boots, and bring out your more fun, whimsical clothing. Just as your clothing should transition from Winter to Spring, so should your beauty style. Now I have to admit my go-to lippie year-round is a beautiful nude by NYX Cosmetics, it’s perfect and it goes with EVERYTHING. However, I’m promising myself that this spring I’m going to shake up my beauty routine by adding a pop of color to my lips. Below I’ve listed 5 Lippies I will definitely be trying out this spring (and you should too)!

black opal fashion fuschia
Black Opal Fashion Fuchsia, $8
1. Deep Fuchsia

I love fuchsia anything (I mean just check out my website banner)! This luscious color compliments everyone, and screams Spring-Time!

nyx lippie
NYX Girl Crush, $6
2. Bubble Gum Pink

When I think of springtime, pastel colors come to mind. This lippie will definitely put you in a springtime mood.

revlon siren
Revlon Siren, $8
3. Spicy Coral

Every fashionista knows that coral is one of the colors you have to add to your spring wardrobe. This spring, instead of adding coral pieces to your closet try it on your lips.

blackUP bright red
BlackUP Bright Red, $23
4. Popsicle Red

A candy-apple red is the perfect colored lippie to give your spring beauty style a reboot.

mk maple
Mary Kay Maple, $18
5. Soft Bronze

This caramel colored lippie is a fabulous choice for fashionistas who aren’t fully committed to trying a super bright color on their lips yet. It will give you that springtime pop you want, without being overpowering.

Be sure to pair all these colorful lippies with a nude eye for a sassy look all springtime long!

What lippie are  you most excited about trying out this spring?! Tell me about in the comments!


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