#StayStrongKehlani: The Sad Truth Behind Social Media Bullying. 

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Today news broke that on late yesterday evening, singer/songwriter Kehlani attempted suicide due to being a victim of social media bullying. Rumors rapidly spread on yesterday that she cheated on her boyfriend Kyrie Irving, and she quickly became the butt of all jokes on social media.

To say I was quite taken back by the negativity she was receiving on yesterday is an understatement. The amount of individuals that were calling her obscene names and slandering her entire character was truly appalling. As I read through people’s ignorant Twitter and Instagram post, it was clear that they were using the double standard that women aren’t allowed to do what men do to legitimize their pov.

First off, as a feminist, I need people to desperately understand women have the right to do whatever in the hell they want to. We will not be policed by society and it’s contradicting beliefs of what a “woman’s place” is. Secondly, Kehlani is a young girl that is just trying to navigate through life, and is allowed to make a few mistakes. There is no excuse for the amount of scrutiny she received on yesterday. Whether the rumors are true or not, everyone is entitled to making mistakes. Not any of us are perfect and just because a woman decides to leave one romantic situation and immediately begin another one, does not make her a “hoe.” If Kehlani was a man people would have been commending her for getting another woman so quickly. Ladies you have the right to do whatever emotionally makes you happy, remember that. Thirdly, it’s important to remember we are all on the outside looking in, so until we have all the facts of the story we should not have an opinion. And lastly, the situation that took place between Kehlani, Kyrie Irving, and PartyNextDoor is THEIR business not ours.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time someone has attempted suicide over being bullied via social media. We have to remember that at the end of the day we are all human, and there is not a single person on this earth that is emotionally equipped to deal with that amount of scrutiny. Hazing someone on social media is not funny, and it is certainly not something to play with. Time and time again we’ve watched social media bullies or “trolls” (as many of us call them) bully individuals and nothing is said, but millennials it’s time to speak up and speak out. Ask yourself this, are you seriously willing to ruin someone’s life for a few retweets and favorites? It’s time to start calling people out on their bad behavior, and checking our own. Nothing is humorous about someone else’s pain.

As for the young women who find themselves in a similar situation to Kehlani’s, understand that those people do not have any control over your life. You have the right as a woman to do whatever you feel empowers you. No man, (or other woman for that matter) has the right to bash you because they don’t agree with your actions. It’s your life, not theirs, so truthfully their opinions are null and void.

And to Kehlani, if you see this, please STAY STRONG. Know that there are people who still support you and love you as an artist. We are rooting for you doll. I hope you get well soon.

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