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Photo | c/o of Quad Clothing Company

Originally from Monterey, CA by way of Crowley, LA, Indrea Gordon is a Lake Charles-Based fashion designer and the owner of the fashion line Quad Clothing. Quad Clothing Company offers women’s couture as well as ready-to-wear pieces, and her sub label Kiddy Quad is a high fashion children’s line. A graduate of the renown Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in San Francisco, Indrea Gordon has been in the fashion industry for over 20 years. When asked who is her biggest influencer, she simply says “Children.” An answer that I can definitely attest to, Indrea has a program entitled “Fashion Without Limitations,” which specializes in helping children with disabilities. Indrea Gordon will be one of the featured designers at the first annual Fashion Week Lake Charles. View our Q&A below!

When did you first realize being a fashion designer was the right career path for you?

When I realized I could change lives with my craft.

What inspires you to design?

Children. They see the gifts and talents and beauty in you better than anyone else does. They help you identify who you are and their opinions of you sometimes will blow your mind.

How has your upbringing affected you as a designer?

I am originally from Crowley, Louisiana but I grew up in Monterey, California. I have the edginess of coastal culture…I have the richness of the bay area and just enough country to top it off and give it the wow affect!
All of these areas play a pertinent part in the creative aspect of me being a designer, all of the different cultures influence my style and I’m always thinking about these cultures when I am creating. I am constantly thinking what would my clients on the coast like vs what would my folks down south like. There is quite a difference.

Who would you say are your muses?

I would say my go-to muses are a few of my models and my two assistants. They encourage me and they always look amazing in my clothes. When I see my luxe on them it inspires me to want to be more creative and to try new things. Each one of them has a different personality, so I get to dress each of them differently and if I can capture their personality through the garment that they’re wearing I have accomplished my job.

Describe fashion in one word.


What is the legacy you want to leave behind in the world of fashion?

I want people to know me for making a difference in peoples lives through my garments. I want people to remember how they felt when they wore a piece from Quad, and I want people to remember the experience when shopping at Quad. I want them to remember how each employee encouraged them and gave them a complete look so that they were able to walk away with more than just a beautiful garment.

Besides Quad Clothing what other business ventures do you have going on?

I have a gourmet popcorn business, and I also have a fashion program for special needs children called “Fashion Without Limitations (FWOL).

*some of Quad Clothing’s couture pieces, image c/o Quad Clothing Company.

Be sure to catch the exquisite designs of Indrea Gordon at Fashion Week Lake Charles, April 13-17 in Lake Charles, LA., and at New Orleans Fashion Week tomorrow, March 18th at the Board of Trade located in New Orleans, LA!

To learn more about Indrea Gordon and her company Quad Clothing visit or

To purchase tickets for Fashion Week Lake Charles (FWLC) click here!


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