The Struggles of Being A Modern-Day Feminist. 


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For those of you who do not know me, I consider myself to be a Feminist to the highest regard (an intersectional feminist to be exact, I’ll be sure to explain this term a little more in another post). Often when I tell people that I consider myself to be a feminist, they look at me with a puzzled expression on their face, and  make ignorant remarks such as: “what man hurt you?” or “…but you’re pretty you don’t need feminism.” (Yes, someone actually told me that). After giving them a very chic side-eye, I begin explaining my sentiments about the movement, and even when I know I’m expressing myself proficently they still don’t seem to understand what feminism means. 

Feminism, to me, means the empowerment of women, and the notion that woman should be viewed as equal to men. Sounds simple enough right? However, to some people it is not. 

People tend to have a very warped view of what feminism is, and honestly they make the word more complicated then is it actually is. Half of them feel women only identify as feminist for an excuse to be sexually liberated, and the other half think if you identify yourself as a feminist then you are automatically a misandrist. Please understand that just because I consider myself to be a feminist, does not mean that I dislike men or want to emasculate them. It is very possible for me to feel empowered as a woman, without me wanting to belittle a man.

I want people to understand that feminism is not a negative word. Feminism supports the idea that women have the right to challenge patriarchal limitations society has taught us to accept as “normal.” Women are not vacuous objects. We are highly intelligent beings, that possess more than just curves and doll faces. It is perfectly okay to have a movement that supports teaching little girls they have the innate right to be whomever they want to be in this world. Or that teaches young women they are the sole owners and rulers of their bodies.

As women it is time for us to stand together and stop allowing our counterparts to define who we are or what we can be. There is nothing wrong with being a beautiful and liberated individual. Women are multifaceted beings, that possess the beautiful duality to be resilient yet nurturing.

So feminist everywhere unite, stand tall, and continue to fight for the rights of ALL women everwhere.

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