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5 Artists You Should Know!


It’s that time again, when I introduce you all to some of your next favorite artist. Be sure to check out the fresh new talent I’ve chosen for this edition of “5 Artist You Show Know” below!

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#1. Banks

Banks is an underground trip-hop artist that has been on the music scene for the last 5 years. I discovered her a few years ago while watching MTV Hits. She had just released the video for her then new single “This Is What It Feels Like.” Besides the song being so alluring, the video was so dark and mysterious I just had to know more about the artist. Since then Banks has become one of my favorite artist.

♫ Goddess x Banks

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#2. Devvon Terrell

Devvon Terrell is a Brooklyn-Based R&B singer. I first heard Devvon when a friend of mines sent me his song “#WCW (Women Crush Wednesday).” I feel in love with his sound. Devvon’s music is heavily influenced by 90s R&B, and is just what the Rhythm and Blues scene is missing.

♫ I Know x Devvon Terrell

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#3. Snoh Aalegra

Originally from Sweden, Snoh Aalegra is a model turned singer/songwriter/rapper. I discovered Snoh one night while watching MTV Hits, the video for her song “Bad Things (feat. Common)” came on and I was captivated. Her voice is so sultry and soulful you can’t help but fall in love with her sound.

♫ Bad Things x Snoh Aalegra ft. Common

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#4. Bas

I first heard Bas on Pandora about 5 years ago, and I’ve been a fan of his music ever since. Bas is a Jamaica, Queens-Based rapper that is signed to J.Cole’s label “Dreamville.” In 2014 Bas released his debut album “Last Winter,” which solidified him a household name. Bas’s sound embodies the hardcore and raw essence of New York.

♫ Mook In New Mexico x Bas

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#5. Vince Staples

I discovered Vince Staples a few months ago while watching BET Jams. The video for his song “Lift Me Up” was the Jam of the Week. The imagery of the video was so thought-provoking, and the lyrics of the song were so real, I instantly downloaded his album Summertime ’06. After listening to his album, I knew I was a fan of his music. I love the west coast vibe of his sound, and the honesty in his lyrics.

♫ Lift Me Up x Vince Staples

Be sure to support these talented musicians. Don’t forget who told you about them first. Who are some of your favorite “under the radar” artist?! Tell me all about them in the comments!


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#StayStrongKehlani: The Sad Truth Behind Social Media Bullying. 

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Today news broke that on late yesterday evening, singer/songwriter Kehlani attempted suicide due to being a victim of social media bullying. Rumors rapidly spread on yesterday that she cheated on her boyfriend Kyrie Irving, and she quickly became the butt of all jokes on social media.

To say I was quite taken back by the negativity she was receiving on yesterday is an understatement. The amount of individuals that were calling her obscene names and slandering her entire character was truly appalling. As I read through people’s ignorant Twitter and Instagram post, it was clear that they were using the double standard that women aren’t allowed to do what men do to legitimize their pov.

First off, as a feminist, I need people to desperately understand women have the right to do whatever in the hell they want to. We will not be policed by society and it’s contradicting beliefs of what a “woman’s place” is. Secondly, Kehlani is a young girl that is just trying to navigate through life, and is allowed to make a few mistakes. There is no excuse for the amount of scrutiny she received on yesterday. Whether the rumors are true or not, everyone is entitled to making mistakes. Not any of us are perfect and just because a woman decides to leave one romantic situation and immediately begin another one, does not make her a “hoe.” If Kehlani was a man people would have been commending her for getting another woman so quickly. Ladies you have the right to do whatever emotionally makes you happy, remember that. Thirdly, it’s important to remember we are all on the outside looking in, so until we have all the facts of the story we should not have an opinion. And lastly, the situation that took place between Kehlani, Kyrie Irving, and PartyNextDoor is THEIR business not ours.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time someone has attempted suicide over being bullied via social media. We have to remember that at the end of the day we are all human, and there is not a single person on this earth that is emotionally equipped to deal with that amount of scrutiny. Hazing someone on social media is not funny, and it is certainly not something to play with. Time and time again we’ve watched social media bullies or “trolls” (as many of us call them) bully individuals and nothing is said, but millennials it’s time to speak up and speak out. Ask yourself this, are you seriously willing to ruin someone’s life for a few retweets and favorites? It’s time to start calling people out on their bad behavior, and checking our own. Nothing is humorous about someone else’s pain.

As for the young women who find themselves in a similar situation to Kehlani’s, understand that those people do not have any control over your life. You have the right as a woman to do whatever you feel empowers you. No man, (or other woman for that matter) has the right to bash you because they don’t agree with your actions. It’s your life, not theirs, so truthfully their opinions are null and void.

And to Kehlani, if you see this, please STAY STRONG. Know that there are people who still support you and love you as an artist. We are rooting for you doll. I hope you get well soon.

Until Next Time,

Does Reaching Your Dreams Equal Happiness?

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So it’s 1:19am on December 9th, 2014 and I just finish listening to J. Cole’s “2014 Forest Hills Drive.” I must say this album is a classic. As I listened to the album it got me thinking about my own dreams and fears too.

As you all may know I am an actress, a lifestyle blogger and soon I’ll be adding filmmaker to that list. I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to be a star, hell the perks alone make it worth it. On one hand, I’ll have a voice and be able to effectively change the world. And for me at the end of the day that’s what it’s all about. However, on the other hand my life won’t belong to me anymore.

Like most people, I often find myself wondering once I reach my dreams will I truly be happy, or is right now this very moment in life, the happiest I will ever be? According to Cole it is. In “Forest Hills” Cole basically says savor those priceless moments because the success isn’t real, it’s attainable but not real, the success is not what makes you happy. It’s the unconditional love that’s real happiness.

I do hope that when I reach my dreams I remain the same Deveney P I am right now, maybe a little more wiser but the same soulfully eccentric prototype I am right now. The thought of me changing really shakes me to the core. All in all, I hope that when I do reach my goals they’re everything I dreamed they would be and more.

In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy the hell out of my life, because I’ll never get these carefree breathless moments back again. Cole’s story telling always does this to me. His music does just what art is suppose to, provoke thought.

Well Until Next Time Kids,

*This post was originally written on December 9th, 2014.

Dev Takes LA!

IMG_7268 - Copy
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Photos | Shainna Miles

Kimono x c/o R. Chvrles Brnd | Skirt x c/o R. Chvrles Brnd | Top x Love Culture
Necklace x Francesca’s Collections | Sunnies x Ray Ban | Watch x Fossil
Bracelet x Lokai | Anklet x Zales 
Earrings x Francesca’s Collections |  Rings x H&M/UO

On this past Sunday, I embarked on a 3-week journey to the great city of Los Angeles! To say I was super excited is an understatement. I must admit, so far there hasn’t been anything about this city that I do not like. The people have been awesome, sightseeing has been fun, and the food has been surprisingly amazing. It’s weird, there is something about LA’s vibe that is very reminiscent of NOLA’s. Seriously. The two cities oddly have a lot of things in common.

Since I knew I was heading to LA, I wanted the essence of this photoshoot to combine the beauty of NOLA and the carefree attitude of LA. Robert Charles, New Orleans-Based designer, truly understood that vision. Much like the city of Los Angeles, this flowy ensemble gives off such a bohemian vibe. Yet the background of this photoshoot is one of New Orleans most famed and serene areas.

I must say, I am truly enjoying exploring this beautiful city. I’m looking forward to taking in all of the eclectic culture LA has to offer. I know this trip will be one for the books, and I can not wait to tell you guys all about it.

Be sure to continue to visit DEVandtheCITY to stay updated on all of my LA adventures!


*Special Thanks to Robert Charles who designed this gorgeous ensemble and styled this fabulous shoot. To learn more about him visit and be on the lookout for my profile piece featuring Robert Charles coming soon.

Interview: Meet Indrea Gordon of QUAD Clothing Company

quad clothing
Photo | c/o of Quad Clothing Company

Originally from Monterey, CA by way of Crowley, LA, Indrea Gordon is a Lake Charles-Based fashion designer and the owner of the fashion line Quad Clothing. Quad Clothing Company offers women’s couture as well as ready-to-wear pieces, and her sub label Kiddy Quad is a high fashion children’s line. A graduate of the renown Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in San Francisco, Indrea Gordon has been in the fashion industry for over 20 years. When asked who is her biggest influencer, she simply says “Children.” An answer that I can definitely attest to, Indrea has a program entitled “Fashion Without Limitations,” which specializes in helping children with disabilities. Indrea Gordon will be one of the featured designers at the first annual Fashion Week Lake Charles. View our Q&A below!

When did you first realize being a fashion designer was the right career path for you?

When I realized I could change lives with my craft.

What inspires you to design?

Children. They see the gifts and talents and beauty in you better than anyone else does. They help you identify who you are and their opinions of you sometimes will blow your mind.

How has your upbringing affected you as a designer?

I am originally from Crowley, Louisiana but I grew up in Monterey, California. I have the edginess of coastal culture…I have the richness of the bay area and just enough country to top it off and give it the wow affect!
All of these areas play a pertinent part in the creative aspect of me being a designer, all of the different cultures influence my style and I’m always thinking about these cultures when I am creating. I am constantly thinking what would my clients on the coast like vs what would my folks down south like. There is quite a difference.

Who would you say are your muses?

I would say my go-to muses are a few of my models and my two assistants. They encourage me and they always look amazing in my clothes. When I see my luxe on them it inspires me to want to be more creative and to try new things. Each one of them has a different personality, so I get to dress each of them differently and if I can capture their personality through the garment that they’re wearing I have accomplished my job.

Describe fashion in one word.


What is the legacy you want to leave behind in the world of fashion?

I want people to know me for making a difference in peoples lives through my garments. I want people to remember how they felt when they wore a piece from Quad, and I want people to remember the experience when shopping at Quad. I want them to remember how each employee encouraged them and gave them a complete look so that they were able to walk away with more than just a beautiful garment.

Besides Quad Clothing what other business ventures do you have going on?

I have a gourmet popcorn business, and I also have a fashion program for special needs children called “Fashion Without Limitations (FWOL).

*some of Quad Clothing’s couture pieces, image c/o Quad Clothing Company.

Be sure to catch the exquisite designs of Indrea Gordon at Fashion Week Lake Charles, April 13-17 in Lake Charles, LA., and at New Orleans Fashion Week tomorrow, March 18th at the Board of Trade located in New Orleans, LA!

To learn more about Indrea Gordon and her company Quad Clothing visit or

To purchase tickets for Fashion Week Lake Charles (FWLC) click here!


Dev Does BUKU!

   *me 3/12/16 on day 2 of the Buku Fest.

Growing up in New Orleans going to festivals is like a rights of passage for us. You’re not a real New Orleanian until you’ve attended a grand festival of some kind. If you follow me on snapchat, then you already know this past weekend my friends and I had the pleasure of attending the annual festival BUKU Music & Arts Project at Mardi Gras World. It was unlike any festival I’ve ever attended before!

What I loved about the event was that it combined two of my favorite things: music and art. The vibe of the entire festival was amazing, very vibrant yet super chill. There were 4 music stations, a HUGE art wall, where visual artist were able to showcase their talent by creating graffiti-style pieces, and more food and alcohol stations than I can even count.


*some of the pieces on the art wall that were up for silent auction.

Over the two days, I was able to catch about 12 music acts, and I must say there was not one musician that performed who didn’t have the crowd HYPE. From Future to AlunaGeorge to YellowClaw everyone was dynamic! 

*Fetty Wap performing his hit single “Come My Way” on 3/11/16.

*Kehlani performing her hit single “The Way” on 3/12/16.

To say I got my life at the fest would be an understatement. You can definitely feel the magic of NOLA throughout the entire festival. I will definitely be attending BUKU Fest every year, and I’m looking forward to next year’s line-up! If you’re a fan of house, hip-hop, and electronica music, BUKU is the fest for you. And because it’s New Orleans you know the food and drinks will not disappoint. I’m officially dubbing BUKU, the Coachella of New Orleans. 


The Struggles of Being A Modern-Day Feminist. 


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For those of you who do not know me, I consider myself to be a Feminist to the highest regard (an intersectional feminist to be exact, I’ll be sure to explain this term a little more in another post). Often when I tell people that I consider myself to be a feminist, they look at me with a puzzled expression on their face, and  make ignorant remarks such as: “what man hurt you?” or “…but you’re pretty you don’t need feminism.” (Yes, someone actually told me that). After giving them a very chic side-eye, I begin explaining my sentiments about the movement, and even when I know I’m expressing myself proficently they still don’t seem to understand what feminism means. 

Feminism, to me, means the empowerment of women, and the notion that woman should be viewed as equal to men. Sounds simple enough right? However, to some people it is not. 

People tend to have a very warped view of what feminism is, and honestly they make the word more complicated then is it actually is. Half of them feel women only identify as feminist for an excuse to be sexually liberated, and the other half think if you identify yourself as a feminist then you are automatically a misandrist. Please understand that just because I consider myself to be a feminist, does not mean that I dislike men or want to emasculate them. It is very possible for me to feel empowered as a woman, without me wanting to belittle a man.

I want people to understand that feminism is not a negative word. Feminism supports the idea that women have the right to challenge patriarchal limitations society has taught us to accept as “normal.” Women are not vacuous objects. We are highly intelligent beings, that possess more than just curves and doll faces. It is perfectly okay to have a movement that supports teaching little girls they have the innate right to be whomever they want to be in this world. Or that teaches young women they are the sole owners and rulers of their bodies.

As women it is time for us to stand together and stop allowing our counterparts to define who we are or what we can be. There is nothing wrong with being a beautiful and liberated individual. Women are multifaceted beings, that possess the beautiful duality to be resilient yet nurturing.

So feminist everywhere unite, stand tall, and continue to fight for the rights of ALL women everwhere.

Until Next Time,