Dear “Woke” White People: A Letter To White People Everywhere That Get It.

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“Woke” (verb)

A slang term that means being aware/Knowing what’s going on in the community relating to Racism and Social Injustice.

3 weeks ago Beyoncé pulled a…well Beyoncé and surprised the world by releasing a video for her new song “Formation.” The video was AMAZING to say the least, in true Bey fashion she danced her behind off in the visual, but it was something about the song “Formation” that was a little different from other Yonce songs.

After watching the video for the second time I listened to the words and paid close attention to the imagery. “Formation” isn’t just a fun turn-up Bey song, but a song with a strong pro-feminist and Pro-Black message. I immediately knew that conservative White media would be highly bothered by this new trap-style Pro-Black anthem. Well a few days later, once AmeriKKKa got wind of this song they had an upright fit. White media and “white twitter” began to slander Beyoncé’s name by calling her “racist” and “anti-cop.”

As “Formation” began to gain more headlines, I began researching articles about how white people (and individuals of other races) really felt about the underlining message of the song and I must say I was shocked by my findings. Yes, many of their viewpoints were downright ignorant, some even scary, but for maybe the first time I saw White people understanding that Pro-Black doesn’t equate to Anti-White. I was pleasantly surprised that some white people were finally not just saying this, but actually internalizing this notion.

For years…decades…hell centuries, African-Americans have been pleading for Caucasians to acknowledge the injustices Black people endure because of the color of our skin or trying to prove that racism isn’t just a fabricated idea. So it was refreshing to know that some of your racial counterparts are actually hearing you. Being a thought-provoking writer, I could publish countless articles expressing the sentiments of Black people and our frustrations, but if I am not getting to the people that are creating the problem in the first place my posts are somewhat in vain. 

I must say though, White people being “woke” is not necessarily a new concept. There has always been a few White people that weren’t afraid to speak out against racial injustice. For instance during the civil rights movement activist and freedom writer James Zwerg performed the heroic act of getting off a bus and being beaten by members of the ku klux klan in order to save Black activists from being killed. Or even presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was arrested several times for participating in demonstrations during the civil rights movement. 

As a Black activist, I think it’s important to remember that all White people aren’t the enemy, and to acknowledge our racial counterparts that are empathetic about “the black struggle.” For all of the White people who don’t ask questions like “Why is there no white history month?” or say things like “Talking about race makes me uncomfortable.” this post is for you. Please know that Black activist see you and appreciate you. Thank you for using your privilege to bring awareness to the daily issues African-Americans face. Thanks for demonstrating with us. And most importantly thanks for understanding that me being Pro-Black and saying phrases like “Black Lives Matter” or “Black Girl Magic” doesn’t mean that I’m Anti-White.

 Please continue to discuss racial injustices with others even when there are no Black individuals around. I am a firm believer that the only way to bring about change is to have an open dialogue about the problem. So activists of every race continue to stand together against racial injustice. I have faith that one day we will be heard, and that majority of the people in this word will be tolerant.

Until Next Time,

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