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“What is your indulgence? Tell me what’s your vice?”

– Christina Aguilera

Get a sheet of paper. *I’ll Wait.* Now write at the top THEE LIST. Underline it.

This is the start of the crucial understanding of your needs and wants. On that list, put down everything that you want and splurge for and the prices.

My list includes:

Peter Thomas Roth 24k Gold Mask ($80)


OnePiece Onesie ($129)

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide Eyeliner ($20 @ Sephora)

Anastasia Hollywood Dip Brown in Chocolate ($19 @ Sephora)

Grand Marnier ($39.99)

Pandora ($25.00)

Dates ($25.00-100.00)

All of these things and a few others are NOT my daily essentials however when I am ahead, I know they are my immediate go to items. So I ask you, are you buying your splurge items on the daily or weekly basis? If so, what do you work towards? The key to this list is to allow you to have something to work towards and also to help you find the items that you can look forward to buying with a few extra hours in the office or a few side hustle moments. I am a firm believer in the fishbowl full of money (use a money market account). However, the only way to get ahead is with three firm money sources.

Your Everyday Spending Account (ESA). Utilize this for bills, gas, groceries. This account is for this and this only. If your light bill is $366, guess what, its budgeted in as $400. So your light bill is $400, get over it (GROSS overshot lol). Use this process to constantly be ahead on bills and stop charging your gas as credit (I do it too, smh), that one action can greatly increase the accuracy of your spending knowledge.

Your Savings account. Tell yourself every day that you will deposit $1 dollar into that account. Hell add $2 if you’re feeling jazzy. In a year, trust me, you’ll appreciate the number in that account more than the extra calories you put on from the dollar menu. The key to this account is to consider not the end result but the fact that it is constantly growing if you put in work and budget. Let it motivate you.

Lastly, Your Splurge Account. Total out your splurge list. Whatever that total is (for one of each item), use that as your endless month goal for your splurge account. If at the end of the month, you have met the other requirements of your accounts, use the splurge account. If you didn’t, then wait til next month and then reevaluate if you can splurge. HOWEVER, remember that regardless of if you wait two months to splurge, on splurge on ONE of every item on the splurge list a month at max.

Let me know how that goes for you. I’m enjoying this shxt low-key even though I don’t get to splurge every month lol.

Stay creative, Stay inspired, Stay awesome,
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