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*Jaden Smith the epitome of a carefree Black man, and the phrase #BlackBoyFly.

I recently had a conversation with a few of my friends about what is acceptable and what’s not acceptable for a Black man. The entire convo I found myself being so annoyed that the carefree Black women I was discussing this with were being so judgmental when it came to their male counterparts. They all were just so mean, and I got a real glimpse of what comes along with being a carefree Black man in America.

Growing up, I was blessed to have a lot of strong Black males around me, whom were all very different. So at a very early age I got a chance to learn that Black men (just like everyone else in the world) were versatile beings that couldn’t be placed in a box.

I’ve always felt like Black men have never gotten a real chance to express who they truly are, because they’re so busy trying to combat a stereotype. And if they do express their true selves they are often labeled as being “gay.” But why? When’s the last time you’ve heard society question a man of another race sexuality for being thoroughly expressive? Men of African descent should be allowed to be mentally and emotionally free without being stripped of their masculinity. I am so tired of the close-mindedness when it comes to Black men. As a Black woman I want to be able to openly express myself without being labeled or looked down at, so why wouldn’t I want that same freedom for my brothers.

Black men have enough bullshxt to deal with, and shouldn’t be subjected to the mental stress of “Am I masculine enough.” A man’s masculinity should not be measured by what his style is. People should be allowed to radically express themselves in any matter they choose without their sexuality being questioned.

Black guys please know that it’s okay to rock skinny jeans, have piercings, dance uncontrollably, or even have semi-colored hair. Those acts are forms of expressions and do not measure the amount of masculinity that you have. And for all the people that condemn Black men for expressing themselves in a carefree manner, SHAME ON YOU. Everyone in this word is entitled to having their own form of originality. So no that Black guy isn’t “gay,” “crazy,” or “weird,” he’s just comfortable with being himself, enjoying his life, and being #BlackBoyFly.

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