Thoughts, Sex and Retail: A Letter To Couples

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Dear Couples,

Beware, the time has come around again, where the love you and your partner express 364 days of the year will be judged. Card companies will pitch their generic expressions onto you, fatty chocolates will be the taste of love, and Victoria will share her Secrets ( hopefully with a discount). That chubby angel with the arrow and small penis has shown his face, St. Valentine is back….again!

So what does one do? Most of the marketing for retailers is for single people: How to get the girl? Wear this for the guy? It all plays into the infatuation stages of a relationship. So, every other couple who has passed that stage? Retailers have seem to just give us the template V-Day starter pack: going out to eat, buying flowers, having sex on 300-thread count sheets, etc. Where’s the excitement? The spontaneous moments that make the “greatest hits” list in your memory.

Retailers are not the enemy. After all, they allow us to purchase tokens of beauty that can express our appreciation to our partner. But there’s need to be more. If V-Day is about celebrating love, why not make it specific to your relationship? Whether it’s the traditional or unconventional, let the day be about your relationship. Go have fun with your partner celebrating the quirks of love.

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