The Single Girl’s (and Guys) Guide To Surviving V-Day

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Well it’s almost that time of year again when society tells us that if we’re not paired off with someone than you’re kind of well…worthless. Okay, okay, worthless may be a little harsh of a word to use but you get what I’m saying. Valentine’s Day has always been a rather interesting holiday for me. I’ve had a few V-Days that were simply beautiful and very reminiscent of a cheesy romantic comedy and some were…just not so good.

I could sit here and write some bs like it doesn’t matter if you’re single or not, celebrate Valentine’s Day anyway, but because I am Dev, and Dev is extremely honest, I am not. The truth is if you don’t have a valentine then you shouldn’t be concerned with Valentine’s Day. Seriously. This holiday is just not that big of a deal. 

Every year, I watch desperate singles almost drive themselves crazy trying to force someone to be their valentine, and quite honestly it confuses the hell out of me. Maybe it’s because I’m a “satisfied single” like comedian Loni Love would say or maybe I just don’t care that much. And yes I get it, Valentine’s Day can be a wonderful holiday for lovers and couples, but if you don’t find yourself paired off with anyone you shouldn’t stress yourself.

People you’re going to have to learn to be okay with being by yourself. Being single doesn’t necessarily mean anything is wrong with you. Sometimes you need to be single in order to learn and appreciate who you are. So this year single gals and guys just act as if this Valentine’s Day is just another day. I promise the moment you begin to not make a big deal out of V-Day, the less you’ll care about it.

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