Being A Grandmother Is…Cool!

deb and the grankids
*my beautiful grandkids and I!

For those of you who are grandmothers you know what I mean. I will go beyond for those grandkids of mine. They know that I am a sucker for them. They come to me with those cute little faces and beautiful smiles and I know that they want something. Even after protesting, I always give in and get them exactly what they asked for. My daughter always ask me where is her mother, because I am not the same person who raised her. She claims that I was a very stern parent and she and her sister did not get away with anything. I don’t remember it that way at all. I think her memory is a little cloudy.

Being a grammaw is just so cool. I get to spoil them, take them places, play with them, buy them cookies, burgers, and donuts. Then return them back to their mom. My daughter is not happy with me when I return the kids to her. She says that they are so hyped, and it takes hours to calm them down. She said that I did not give her and her sister a lot of junk and sweets when they were children. I don’t remember it that way at all. Once again, I think her memory is a little cloudy.

When my first grandson was born, I cut the umbilical cord. I took one look at him and fell instantly in love. It was the same way for my other two grandkids as well. Just knowing that you would do all you could to make them happy. So folks, I joined the “the damn fools club,” a club that is exclusively for grandmas, mawmaws, glamaws, honey’s, minkys or whatever you want them to call you. All I know is all of the money I’ve spent on the little darlings. My daughter told me that I spoil her children, and that I didn’t spoil them at all. I don’t remember it that way at all. I just think her memory is a little cloudy.

Well folks, I’ve got to sign off for now, got to go shopping, until next time.

Bottoms Up!!!!!!!!
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