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With every new year comes a fabulous new crop of musical talent. I’m always so excited to make predictions on the artist I feel will be household names by the end of the year. The 5 musicians I’ve listed below have quickly become some of my new favorite artist. I’m positive before 2016 is over they will be making the grand transition from being an underground artist to a mainstream one. Check them out below!

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#1. Nao

I discovered Nao on the first day of this year thanks to one of my fellow DU alumnas Chanelle (who tagged me in a tweet telling me I would love Nao’s song “Bad Blood.”) After listening to one song by her I was hooked on her sound. I instantly downloaded her eps and have been listening to them everyday since. Her music is so soothing and angelic. Nao is a British singer/songerwriter that hails from East London. If you are fan of Alina Baraz or SZA I’m sure you’ll love Nao.

♫ Bad Blood x Nao

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#2. FKJ

I can credit Google Play Music for helping me discover FKJ. I remember I was having a not so good day and his song “Learn To Fly (feat. Jordan Rakei)” came on. It instantly turned my day around, and I’ve been a fan of his music ever since. FKJ is a Parisian-based House DJ, that collabs with some of the best up-and-coming soul singers. FKJ is the type of artist that has a song to fit whatever mood you’re in.

♫ Learn To Fly x FKJ feat. Jordan Rakei

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#3. Andra Day

If you’re a fan of my website then you’ve seen me mention Andra previously. I discovered her one day while browsing the new releases section on Google Play Music. I am such a fan of hers, her voice is beyond soulful, and her sound is so powerful and sultry. Andra reminds me of the late-great Amy Winehouse. Within moments of listening to her music you’ll be hooked.

♫ Forever Mine x Andra Day

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#4. Amir Obé

I discovered Amir one day randomly listening to Pandora. He is a Detroit native, and is based in Brooklyn. Amir is a true story-teller, and his music is what I would call real hip-hop. His music is so chill and vibie. Amir is the perfect artist to listen to when you just want mellow out and contemplate life.

♫ Feel It x Amir Obe

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#5. Låpsley

Just like with Amir, I discovered Låpsley one day while listening to Pandora. She is a British singer/songwriter that hails from Southport. Her voice is very serene, and her music will literally make you feel like you are floating.

♫ Falling Short x Lapsley

I truly look forward to all of these artist owning 2016! I know it is just a matter of time until people everywhere will be calling them their’ favorite artists. Just remember where you heard their names first.


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