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In the beginning, GOD created Adam and Eve. Eventually, Eve was tempted to eat the forbidden fruit and persuaded Adam to take a bite. Thus, GOD gave the curious couple their eviction notice from the Garden Of Eden. Ever since, women have second guessed themselves when dealing with men.

According to a study by University of Maryland, women speak 13,000 words more than men daily. However, most of these words stem from conversations with friends or yourselves. Laying emotions on how one truly feels about one’s partner to your bestie, especially if he has taken you “there”(i.e. The sentence usually begins with “girl, you know what he did…..” or “girl, I’m over him…”). Next, friends are required to become mind-readers as one questions the reasoning behind your partner’s actions. (Why does he do that when it makes me mad?) Also, there’s the internal battle one has, like giving “the silent treatment,” non-verbally expressing your point by being verbally mute. Or having your thoughts go up against the answer one assumes he will say. It’s EXHAUSTING.

It didn’t start off like this. Everyone was a demanding toddler who verbally expressed their feelings. Then, Society arrives and introduces you to “Roles.” “Roles” become a template of how to be in life, stressing “you have to act this way…. “don’t say that”…. “be seen and not heard.” Or Maybe, it was your first heartbreak. Although, you communicated effectively, sharing your feelings, being kind, listening and every other trait Oprah has preached about at some point, the relationship was over and you became guarded. The thing is that those traits make a healthy relationship, not always a lasting one.

So, why do women second guess themselves with men? Is it the rejection? The possibility of your wants being the deal breaker for him. Is it because image is everything? Whatever your personal reason for second guessing, let it go because the discussion with friends, questioning his reasoning, battling your feelings …. Dilutes your truth.

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