DEVandtheCITY Is Expanding!!!

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I have to admit when I initially created this website I just wanted to make a platform for myself to showcase all of my wonderful ideas (LOL!), but following the launch of DEVandtheCITY I realized how grand this blog could actually be. For several people across the world (yes I said world *flips hair*) this site has become a lifestyle destination hub for them, and I couldn’t feel more grateful for that!

I’ve always been huge on the idea that as you gain success and grow, you should share your wealth with others. So having that said I’m excited to announce that DEVandtheCITY will be adding 3 contributors, as well as featuring a guest blogger once a month! We will now have a dating/relationship expert, fiscal advisor, and a wisdom expert. I couldn’t be more thrilled to have these additions to my blog. I can not wait for you all to meet these incredibly talented writers! I know you’ll love them just as much as you all adore me.

From the bottom of my heart (yes I got all cliché on you all) I truly want to thank each and every person that has been supporting DEVandtheCITY from Day 1! You guys continue to show me an enormous amount of support, and for that I feel forever indebted to you all. I look forward to bringing you guys more fabulous style tips, the latest music, and exciting thought-provoking post.

To learn more about the new contributors click here!


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