December Birthday Blues…

me and tdebbie
*my favorite niece and I on 12/19/15 at my first real birthday celebration in years!

I would like to discuss a problem that has been a major issue for a very long time. I know that Christmas is over, but this has to be said. For those of us who are born in December and get the Happy B-day/Merry Xmas gift.

When I first approached my family regarding the “one gift” they apologized and even shed a few tears. I was touched by their reaction and felt better about the situation because it was out in the open. They informed me that things would be different and I would see a difference beginning the next year.

And you know what? I did see a difference the next year, instead of giving me my combination birthday/xmas gift on my birthday, I received it on Christmas Day. Well naturally I gave up. But I beg you please don’t give up, stand up for your rights, and for the rights of all of us in the December B-day club. WE DESERVE TWO GIFTS!

Well this year I said enough is enough, I’m not going to take it anymore, I’m going to demand my two gifts. I told my family just in case you do not realize this Christmas is separate from one’s birthday. Once again they listened and begged of my forgiveness.

Well once again it didn’t work…but at least I stood my ground.
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