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Budgeting, accounting, bargaining and saving. These four tools can completely turn your financial situation into a success story.

I’ve found that budgeting is a lot harder to do. The word itself budget holds a negative connotation. It’s like saying “I’m gonna limit something that I enjoy.” Budgeting is a great tool for the extremely disciplined, and can help you push towards financial security over time. However, discipline is key. There are many budgeting tools out there to help you. Many websites even help you consolidate your finances to assist you in creating a budget. Words to live by: “start with Google.” -Me

Accounting allows you to budget by dividing your main hub of money into individual sources for particular things. This allows you to spend but also still feel like you have money to the side. Discipline now comes into play. You have to remind yourself that if you have a spending account and it’s empty that you can’t pull from your living expense account (I go into more detail in other posts).

Now as for bargaining, it’s a great tool to feel as though you are getting a lot for a little.

“Asking for a discount doesn’t mean I’m poor. It means I’m thrifty.” -Om Puri as Papa (The 100 Foot Journey)

It’s extremely gratifying and once you get the hang of it, you will find that you will stay with a budget without even thinking about it. When I go someplace I ask what discounts are available. I shop clearance and ask if discounts exist on top of that. I use coupon codes and shop around for the best prices. It adds a little extra leg work but in the end, after only a year I’ve financially gotten ahead like I never could’ve imagined. Plus I’ve never diminished my quality of life.

Let’s not forget savings. Saving is a major part of financial success and the start of your success story. Start small and watch how it grows. There is currently a saving challenge where each week you add one more dollar than the last week and it lasts for 52 weeks. I’m currently doing it and I challenge you to join.

They key is in how you feel. Budgeting, though holding a negative connotation is an amazing tool however it’s not as immediately gratifying. Accounting can teach you to become more financially disciplined, and stay on budget without thinking about it. You’ll soon find you are more focused on how to get the most bang for your bucks. Bargaining is immediately gratifying and can over time be just as amazing in pushing you to financial progression. Last but not least, saving gives you a constant reminder that your hard work is paying off. Let your savings reflect how hard you work for it. I’ll save more on that for another time lol.

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