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*Saturday January 23, 2016 FWLC Model Casting Call 2.

Beautiful faces, fierce walks, and up-tempo music is what I walked into at the Prien Lake Mall Lake Charles this past Saturday! Hopeful models flocked from all over the Greater Louisiana area to “strut their stuff” for a chance to be a part of Fashion Week Lake Charles. “We’ve seen some great potentials today. I’m excited to begin calling the talent that made it!” said a smiling Alyssa Burris, head model coach for FWLC. This will be the first event of it’s kind to ever hit The Great Lake City.

Being spearheaded by renown image consultant Julie Branden, Fashion Week Lake Charles (FWLC) will benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund, which is the leading global organization funding research for Type 1 diabetes. As of right now Type 1 Diabetes has no cure, but with events such as FWLC and organizations like JDRF Type 1 Diabetes will become a thing of the past, and turn “Type One into Type None.”

*Model hopefuls snap a quick picture with FWLC spearhead Julie Branden.

FWLC will take place at the Grand Isle Capri Casino and Hotel Wednesday thru Sunday, April 13th-17th. Persons interested in attending this event can purchase tickets at, individual and group packages are available.

*Model Coaches Alyssa Burris and Shetaya Benjamin watch attentively as model hopefuls audition for FWLC 2016.

*Model hopefuls fill out casting applications and strut the runway.

For more information on Fashion Week Lake Charles please visit If you are interested in being a part of FWLC please contact Julie Braden directly at (337)912-7463

*Some of the FWLC Event Team, left-right, Alyssa Burris, Shetaya Benjamin, Julie Branden, and FWLC designer Indrea Gordon of Quad Clothing Company.

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Being A Grandmother Is…Cool!

deb and the grankids
*my beautiful grandkids and I!

For those of you who are grandmothers you know what I mean. I will go beyond for those grandkids of mine. They know that I am a sucker for them. They come to me with those cute little faces and beautiful smiles and I know that they want something. Even after protesting, I always give in and get them exactly what they asked for. My daughter always ask me where is her mother, because I am not the same person who raised her. She claims that I was a very stern parent and she and her sister did not get away with anything. I don’t remember it that way at all. I think her memory is a little cloudy.

Being a grammaw is just so cool. I get to spoil them, take them places, play with them, buy them cookies, burgers, and donuts. Then return them back to their mom. My daughter is not happy with me when I return the kids to her. She says that they are so hyped, and it takes hours to calm them down. She said that I did not give her and her sister a lot of junk and sweets when they were children. I don’t remember it that way at all. Once again, I think her memory is a little cloudy.

When my first grandson was born, I cut the umbilical cord. I took one look at him and fell instantly in love. It was the same way for my other two grandkids as well. Just knowing that you would do all you could to make them happy. So folks, I joined the “the damn fools club,” a club that is exclusively for grandmas, mawmaws, glamaws, honey’s, minkys or whatever you want them to call you. All I know is all of the money I’ve spent on the little darlings. My daughter told me that I spoil her children, and that I didn’t spoil them at all. I don’t remember it that way at all. I just think her memory is a little cloudy.

Well folks, I’ve got to sign off for now, got to go shopping, until next time.

Bottoms Up!!!!!!!!
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5 Artists You Need To Know!

nao album cover

With every new year comes a fabulous new crop of musical talent. I’m always so excited to make predictions on the artist I feel will be household names by the end of the year. The 5 musicians I’ve listed below have quickly become some of my new favorite artist. I’m positive before 2016 is over they will be making the grand transition from being an underground artist to a mainstream one. Check them out below!

Photo |

#1. Nao

I discovered Nao on the first day of this year thanks to one of my fellow DU alumnas Chanelle (who tagged me in a tweet telling me I would love Nao’s song “Bad Blood.”) After listening to one song by her I was hooked on her sound. I instantly downloaded her eps and have been listening to them everyday since. Her music is so soothing and angelic. Nao is a British singer/songerwriter that hails from East London. If you are fan of Alina Baraz or SZA I’m sure you’ll love Nao.

♫ Bad Blood x Nao

Photo |

#2. FKJ

I can credit Google Play Music for helping me discover FKJ. I remember I was having a not so good day and his song “Learn To Fly (feat. Jordan Rakei)” came on. It instantly turned my day around, and I’ve been a fan of his music ever since. FKJ is a Parisian-based House DJ, that collabs with some of the best up-and-coming soul singers. FKJ is the type of artist that has a song to fit whatever mood you’re in.

♫ Learn To Fly x FKJ feat. Jordan Rakei

Photo |

#3. Andra Day

If you’re a fan of my website then you’ve seen me mention Andra previously. I discovered her one day while browsing the new releases section on Google Play Music. I am such a fan of hers, her voice is beyond soulful, and her sound is so powerful and sultry. Andra reminds me of the late-great Amy Winehouse. Within moments of listening to her music you’ll be hooked.

♫ Forever Mine x Andra Day

Photo | bingimages

#4. Amir Obé

I discovered Amir one day randomly listening to Pandora. He is a Detroit native, and is based in Brooklyn. Amir is a true story-teller, and his music is what I would call real hip-hop. His music is so chill and vibie. Amir is the perfect artist to listen to when you just want mellow out and contemplate life.

♫ Feel It x Amir Obe

Photo |

#5. Låpsley

Just like with Amir, I discovered Låpsley one day while listening to Pandora. She is a British singer/songwriter that hails from Southport. Her voice is very serene, and her music will literally make you feel like you are floating.

♫ Falling Short x Lapsley

I truly look forward to all of these artist owning 2016! I know it is just a matter of time until people everywhere will be calling them their’ favorite artists. Just remember where you heard their names first.


December Birthday Blues…

me and tdebbie
*my favorite niece and I on 12/19/15 at my first real birthday celebration in years!

I would like to discuss a problem that has been a major issue for a very long time. I know that Christmas is over, but this has to be said. For those of us who are born in December and get the Happy B-day/Merry Xmas gift.

When I first approached my family regarding the “one gift” they apologized and even shed a few tears. I was touched by their reaction and felt better about the situation because it was out in the open. They informed me that things would be different and I would see a difference beginning the next year.

And you know what? I did see a difference the next year, instead of giving me my combination birthday/xmas gift on my birthday, I received it on Christmas Day. Well naturally I gave up. But I beg you please don’t give up, stand up for your rights, and for the rights of all of us in the December B-day club. WE DESERVE TWO GIFTS!

Well this year I said enough is enough, I’m not going to take it anymore, I’m going to demand my two gifts. I told my family just in case you do not realize this Christmas is separate from one’s birthday. Once again they listened and begged of my forgiveness.

Well once again it didn’t work…but at least I stood my ground.
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Not the movie lol. (That’s B.A.P.S.)

Budgeting, accounting, bargaining and saving. These four tools can completely turn your financial situation into a success story.

I’ve found that budgeting is a lot harder to do. The word itself budget holds a negative connotation. It’s like saying “I’m gonna limit something that I enjoy.” Budgeting is a great tool for the extremely disciplined, and can help you push towards financial security over time. However, discipline is key. There are many budgeting tools out there to help you. Many websites even help you consolidate your finances to assist you in creating a budget. Words to live by: “start with Google.” -Me

Accounting allows you to budget by dividing your main hub of money into individual sources for particular things. This allows you to spend but also still feel like you have money to the side. Discipline now comes into play. You have to remind yourself that if you have a spending account and it’s empty that you can’t pull from your living expense account (I go into more detail in other posts).

Now as for bargaining, it’s a great tool to feel as though you are getting a lot for a little.

“Asking for a discount doesn’t mean I’m poor. It means I’m thrifty.” -Om Puri as Papa (The 100 Foot Journey)

It’s extremely gratifying and once you get the hang of it, you will find that you will stay with a budget without even thinking about it. When I go someplace I ask what discounts are available. I shop clearance and ask if discounts exist on top of that. I use coupon codes and shop around for the best prices. It adds a little extra leg work but in the end, after only a year I’ve financially gotten ahead like I never could’ve imagined. Plus I’ve never diminished my quality of life.

Let’s not forget savings. Saving is a major part of financial success and the start of your success story. Start small and watch how it grows. There is currently a saving challenge where each week you add one more dollar than the last week and it lasts for 52 weeks. I’m currently doing it and I challenge you to join.

They key is in how you feel. Budgeting, though holding a negative connotation is an amazing tool however it’s not as immediately gratifying. Accounting can teach you to become more financially disciplined, and stay on budget without thinking about it. You’ll soon find you are more focused on how to get the most bang for your bucks. Bargaining is immediately gratifying and can over time be just as amazing in pushing you to financial progression. Last but not least, saving gives you a constant reminder that your hard work is paying off. Let your savings reflect how hard you work for it. I’ll save more on that for another time lol.

Until then…

Stay awesome, stay creative, stay inspired,
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I Guess…

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In the beginning, GOD created Adam and Eve. Eventually, Eve was tempted to eat the forbidden fruit and persuaded Adam to take a bite. Thus, GOD gave the curious couple their eviction notice from the Garden Of Eden. Ever since, women have second guessed themselves when dealing with men.

According to a study by University of Maryland, women speak 13,000 words more than men daily. However, most of these words stem from conversations with friends or yourselves. Laying emotions on how one truly feels about one’s partner to your bestie, especially if he has taken you “there”(i.e. The sentence usually begins with “girl, you know what he did…..” or “girl, I’m over him…”). Next, friends are required to become mind-readers as one questions the reasoning behind your partner’s actions. (Why does he do that when it makes me mad?) Also, there’s the internal battle one has, like giving “the silent treatment,” non-verbally expressing your point by being verbally mute. Or having your thoughts go up against the answer one assumes he will say. It’s EXHAUSTING.

It didn’t start off like this. Everyone was a demanding toddler who verbally expressed their feelings. Then, Society arrives and introduces you to “Roles.” “Roles” become a template of how to be in life, stressing “you have to act this way…. “don’t say that”…. “be seen and not heard.” Or Maybe, it was your first heartbreak. Although, you communicated effectively, sharing your feelings, being kind, listening and every other trait Oprah has preached about at some point, the relationship was over and you became guarded. The thing is that those traits make a healthy relationship, not always a lasting one.

So, why do women second guess themselves with men? Is it the rejection? The possibility of your wants being the deal breaker for him. Is it because image is everything? Whatever your personal reason for second guessing, let it go because the discussion with friends, questioning his reasoning, battling your feelings …. Dilutes your truth.

So, say something!
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DEVandtheCITY Is Expanding!!!

devandthecity print

I have to admit when I initially created this website I just wanted to make a platform for myself to showcase all of my wonderful ideas (LOL!), but following the launch of DEVandtheCITY I realized how grand this blog could actually be. For several people across the world (yes I said world *flips hair*) this site has become a lifestyle destination hub for them, and I couldn’t feel more grateful for that!

I’ve always been huge on the idea that as you gain success and grow, you should share your wealth with others. So having that said I’m excited to announce that DEVandtheCITY will be adding 3 contributors, as well as featuring a guest blogger once a month! We will now have a dating/relationship expert, fiscal advisor, and a wisdom expert. I couldn’t be more thrilled to have these additions to my blog. I can not wait for you all to meet these incredibly talented writers! I know you’ll love them just as much as you all adore me.

From the bottom of my heart (yes I got all cliché on you all) I truly want to thank each and every person that has been supporting DEVandtheCITY from Day 1! You guys continue to show me an enormous amount of support, and for that I feel forever indebted to you all. I look forward to bringing you guys more fabulous style tips, the latest music, and exciting thought-provoking post.

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Happy 2016 everyone! It’s crazy to think that 2016 is officially here, it feels like just a few years ago I was little kid fantasizing about how my life would be now. Anywho, with every new year, I make promises to myself about what I would like to work on the most. Yes, those “promises” are what most people would call new year resolutions, but over the years I’ve noticed that I tend to break nyrs, so calling them promises just helps me abide by them more.

As I’ve mentioned to you all previously, on last year I made a promise to myself that I would go on a journey of re-discovery (which turned out to be one of the best things I could have ever done). Well while on that journey I realize I struggle with the word boundaries immensely.

I realized this after having a conversation with basically a stranger about my love life. They kept on prying for more, and I found myself feeling uncomfortable but I didn’t quite know how to tell them stop. I mean they should have sensed something was off right? After this convo I felt slightly over-exposed, which was very unsettling even for me.

Following this incident I began noticing I continuously allow people to over-step there bounds with me. But the question is why? Well after over-analyzing this, I came to the conclusion that a lot of this has to do with the fact that I’m such an unfiltered person, which makes people feel like there’s not much that will offend me or can’t talk to me about. But ummm they’re wrong.

As honest as I am, I need others to understand it’s not their business to know all the complex details of my life. Yes, I may showcase my life on snapchat or tweet out my random thoughts, and have a lifestyle blog where I discuss my life BUT  I like to keep some things personal. And that is perfectly okay. Everyone is not entitled to knowing your business. You have the right to keep some things for yourself.

So for 2016 I’m making the promise to myself that if I feel someone is overstepping their bounds with me, to speak up. My life is not a reality show, and I’m not here to be anyone’s sole entertainment. If the person respects you they’ll understand, and if they “feel some type of way” then they weren’t worth having a conversation with in the first place.

Until Next Time,

Calling All Models!!!

Photo | c/o FWLC

Fashion Week is coming to the great Lake City, and will be holding it’s very first model casting call. If you are interested in being a model for FWLC please come out this Saturday, January 9th, at the Prien Lake Mall located in Lake Charles, LA from 11am-2pm.

Model Requirements:

Female: Height 5’7″, Dress Size 0-6

Male: Height 5’11”, Pant Size 30-34

Models are required to wear white tank tops and denim jeans. Ladies please have heels available, gentlemen please bring dress shoes.


Please be sure to click here to fill out the official casting form.

For more details about the casting please visit:

I look forward to seeing you all rippin’ the runway and struttin’ your stuff!


Interested In Being A Volunteer For FWLC?!

Photo | c/o FWLC

Calling all aspiring stylist, fashion bloggers, and photographers Fashion Week Lake Charles is coming to the great Lake City and they want you to be a part of it! If you are in interested in growing your resume or portfolio FWLC will be a wonderful place to start.

For all inquiries please contact: