2015…The Year of Awakening.

*me 11/21/15 feeling incredibly thankful.

So it’s Decemeber 19, 2015, and we’re exactly 12 days away from 2016. As I lay hear listening to the tranquil sounds of Spazzy Rocket, I can’t help to but to contemplate and feel extremely blessed and grateful for the amazing year I’ve had. Unlike many people I know, 2015 has truly been a grand year for me. I launched this fabulous website, I’m officially a SAG actress, and most importantly my self-discovery was at an all time high this year.

I have to admit I use to be one of those people that spoke without listening, and was so caught up in the idea of people understanding me that I never took others opinions into consideration. However, at the beginning of this year, I made a promise to myself that I would be a more open-minded person. And guess what…I kept that promise to myself. I let go of all the things I feel had been encoded into my brain (well except for my core morals and beliefs), and attempted to relearn everything I know about life. No seriously. I began to actually listen to others thoughts, and seriously hear and try to understand where they were coming from. I began watching philosophy documentaries to grasp an idea of how others viewed the world. I decided I wasn’t going to dwell on all of the bullshxt life can throw my way, and instead re-shift my focus towards all the beauty that is in this world. I even decided to give the idea of dating a real try (but the verdict on that is still being deliberated LOL.)

I must say through this journey I awakened a side of myself I didn’t even know ever existed. It’s almost as if I let my inner-child be free. Even little things about life and the universe just began to click. The most complex of ideas just seem to make sense now. I can honestly say I’m the happiest I have ever been in life. I feel so spiritually free and enlightened.

Now I’m sure you all are saying to yourselves, her life can’t be all sugarplums and fairy tales. And you know what you’re absolutely right. Life is not perfect, and it never will be. You are still going to have your bad days, where you feel like the cosmic demons are out to get you. However, I swear to you the moment you grasp the concept that even though life can be completely chaotic it can still be so simply beautiful, life becomes…magical.

Looking forward to a kick-ass 2016,
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