8 Songs That Will Get You Through The Week!

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Happy Tuesday folks! Yes, I said Tuesday, we’re just two days into the work week. *Grrr* If you are like me then you’re probably very much over the idea of working. Trust me when I say I know the daily grind can be an annoying one. Besides praying and meditating, one thing that I can always count on to put me in a better mood is music. Since I know many of you all have been stressing over work deadlines and school finals, I’ve decided to list 8 of my fave “feel better” songs that will be sure to make your work week a breeze. Check out the songs below!

1. Run Run Run x Jill Scott

2. Masterpiece x Jessie J

3. Unbreakable Smile x Tori Kelly

4. What A Day x Willie Dropkick

5. Jada x Paloma Ford

6. Beautiful x Mali Music

7. Daydream x Tori Kelly

8. If You Dare x Jasmine Sullivan

Well I hope you all enjoyed the list!

Just remember to breathe, Friday will be here before you know it.

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