I’m Selfie Obsessed! 

*one of my “bomb ass selfies,” taken 9/18/15.

Being a 20-something year old in 2015, it’s no surprise that I’m one of those people that is obsessed with taking the “perfect” picture…or should I say selfie. I must say I’ve gotten selfie taking down to a science, and 99% of the time I take a bomb ass selfie! 

On yesterday I was out and about (as always), and of course I had to document this fun occasion by taking a picture for social media (snapchat more specifically). If you have a snapchat then you know it can be a selfie obsessed person’s bestfriend and worst enemy. The lighting is always good on there, however you can’t take multiple pictures and then choose the best one. So in other words if you don’t like your picture then you have to delete it and start all over again. Ahhh the agony of being a first-world millennial. *sighs* Well after I had taken a thousand pics and then deleted them, my friend Shannon turned to me and said “Dev, I hate to tell you, but you need help. It’s just not that serious. They’re all you.” I would be lying if I said I didn’t hear those words way too often these days. My answer is always the same though. I want to capture the best version of me.

Later on that night, once I got home, I was watching my snapchat story, and all I could say to myself was how I looked so “perfect.” And not in the good way. The pictures and videos didn’t capture how much fun we had that night it just showed how pretty we were. I then began to scroll through my phone and most of my pics and videos on my camera roll all looked the same. Not a one showcased a single flaw. I couldn’t help but to sadly ask myself, when did I become so obsessed with perfection?

I’ve always been one that prideed myself on how well I embraced my flaws. So why was I concealing that ideal on my social media accounts? Why was I  flaunting the idea of something that isn’t real or even attainable for that matter.

Sadly, most of us social media obsessed millienials are this way. We value the perfect picture of us doing something amazing over the actual memory. But I think it’s about time we snap out of the “social media perfection bubble.”

 Real beauty lies within imperfections, and it’s time for us to remember that. We need to stop taking pictures over and over again until will get the “perfect” one. Now I know weening ourselves out of the “social media perfection bubble” won’t be easy, but I have faith in us. Just think 20 years from now “selfie taking skills” will probably be such a thing of the past no one will even care.

I’ll keep you guys posted on how this works out for me.

Well until next time kids,
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*Originally written 11/1/15

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