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I was one of those fortunate kids that grew up in a household that was always been big on celebrating Halloween. Every year, I was allowed to wear whatever costume I wanted, and trust me when I say I got a chance to live out all of childhood alter-egos. As I’ve gotten older, I don’t really feel the need to “mask” for Halloween anymore (well unless I’m attending a Fabulous Costume Party). I usually just rock all black and add some fun characteristics like animal ears or scary makeup. Since Halloween is a few days away, I’ve decided to list a few of my go-to items for all of my anti-costume fashionistas. Check them out below.

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1. All-Black Errrthang!

Whenever I think of Halloween I automatically think witches chicly dressed in All-Black, and since I a HUGE fan of an all-black ensemble anyway, it’s the perfect day to wear one of my favorite colors without looking like I tried to hard to be “dark.”

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2. Not So “Normal” Accessories!

The thing I love about Halloween is that you get a pass to rock something you wouldn’t normally wear in your everyday wardrobe. Instead of wearing your go-to hoops opt for a bold ear cuff or even try sporting a henna tattoo. Last Halloween my friend and I wore flash tats, and everywhere we went that night people complimented us. They were such a chic and fun item to add-on to our ensembles.

ruby woo lippie, $17
3. Vamp Up Your Makeup!

You don’t have to wear a costume to rock a fun (and scary) makeup look for Halloween. I say play in your makeup kit for the festive night. There are so many looks you can go for, from zombie to creepy rag doll, or maybe a dramatic wing-tipped cat eye with a sassy red lip!

I hope my tips help you have a fabulous and chic Halloween! Be sure to have a fun and safe holiday.

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