The Time I…Tea-Toxed!

  *Me at on a roof-top party in Vegas, showing off my new more toned body.

I discovered tea-toxing a few years ago thanks to one of my favorite bloggers Morgan Stewart (like me she often discusses her fitness journey). She featured Flat Tummy Tea on her site, and I immediately ordered some. The cleanse was two weeks and so effective. It was probably one of the most beneficial cleanses I’ve ever done.

Since I knew I wanted to look fabulous for my Vegas bday vacay (and would be attending a few roof-top pool parties),  I knew it would be the perfect time to try tea-toxing again. 

For 31 days (the entire month of August) I drinked tea 4-5 times a day, and cut soft drinks completely out of my diet. At first it was super easy (I’m a natural tea drinker), but at about day 15 or so I began to crave a iced-cold Sprite, however I promised myself I wouldn’t cave and surprisingly I didn’t. When I first started the cleanse I strictly drank herbal green tea, but like with anything else, I grew tired of it (around day 17 or so). So I researched other fat-burning teas, and black tea popped up. I decided to try it, and I must say the change in taste was much needed. For the remainder of my cleanse I interchanged the two. Drinking green tea in the morning and throughout the day, and then black tea before bed. 

Along with tea-toxing, I did core exercises (twist crunches, lift weights, etc.) before bed every night. I knew the core exercises would tighten up the areas where the tea was burning the most fat. I also continued my normal exercise routine of walking. 

Overall the results of tea-toxing for 31 days was amazing. Not to be conceited or anything, but I looked darned good in Vegas. My body was pure awesomeness, and I was able to rock all of the cute swim-suits and sexy club dresses I wanted. Tea-toxing also helped clear my skin tremendously. Tea-toxing will most definitely be my go-to cleanse.

Want to try tea-toxing? Tea-toxed before? I would love to hear about it in the comments! 

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