The Time I…Tried Twist-Outs!

*August 9, 2015, the day I discovered the awesomeness of twist-outs.

For those of you who may not know, I consider myself to be a bonafide naturalista! Meaning, I am very pro ladies wearing their natural hair texture, and not chemically altering it. My natural hair journey began the day I was born. No seriously! Growing up my mom was very anti-relaxer, and she never allowed me to relax my hair. If I wanted straight hair, I could only get it pressed or flat-ironed. A few years ago I began wearing my natural kinky curls more often than I wore my hair straightened. I just grew so tired of the process of having my hair straightened every two weeks.

I’m always on the hunt for discovering new natural hair techniques. Recently, when my family and I were on vacay, my cousin asked me if I had ever tried a twist out. To her surprise I had not. My curly hair routine has always been pretty simple. I would just wet my hair, condition it, and then be done. After showing me a few naturalistas twist-out results, my cousin Arie FINALLY convinced to try it. The process was super easy, after wetting and conditioning my hair, Ariel sectioned my hair off into about 8 or so parts (may vary depending on the thickness and length of your hair), and then individually twisted the parts into giant twist. And just like that it was done. I was a tad anxious to see how my hair turned out. The next day I was pleasantly surprised! My hair was gorge, soft, and full! I couldn’t believe my curls could be just as nice without me having to wet my hair everyday.

Since then, I’ve been doing twist-outs almost every night before bed, and I must say the results are just getting better with time. I’m so glad my cousin introduced me to this style.

5 Steps for Achieving a Perfect Twist-Out!
1.Prep! Make sure your hair is clean and well conditioned before beginning the process.
2. Twist! Section you hair off into different parts, and then individually twist each area.
3. Wait! Allow your hair to fully dry (or mostly dry like I do).
4. Fluff! Once your hair is dry, take the twist a loose and then fluff your hair to create desired volume.
5. Enjoy! And just like that enjoy your beautiful hair, add oil for extra moisture if needed.

Your twist should look like this (or similar to) when twist-outs are completed.  

Are you a naturalista like me?! What’s your go-to style to help maintain your curls?! Tell me all about it in the comments!

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