The Time I… Tried Fauxlocs! 


I’ve never been one to get a “summer hairstyle,” I mostly wear my kinky curls year round. Usually when I feel like switching my hairstyle up I’ll just add some highlights and get it blown out, but this year I decided I wanted to do something a little different.

Around March, I made the decision to try fauxlocs. They’re a good protective style and it would give me a break from my natural hair. I began researching how-to videos on YouTube. After watching about 10+ videos or so I finally felt confident enough to install my own fauxlocs.

From the how-to videos, I knew there were two types of hair commonly used for fauxlocs: kanekalon hair and marley hair. I chose to use kanekalon hair instead of marley hair, honestly, because I was intimidated by the marley hair. Marley hair is very bulky, whereas kanekalon hair is a little more manageable. I bought 5 packs of premium kanekalon hair, to wrap the braids creating the effect of a dreadlock, and 5 packs of regular kanekalon hair for the single braids.

Before installing the fauxlocs, I washed my hair and deep-conditioned it. It is very important to deep-condition your hair before installing any type of protective hairstyle. After washing and conditioning my hair, I sectioned it into four parts, and within those sections I began to braid my hair into single braids. Next, I braided the regular kanekalon hair into my hair, using my hair as the third leg of the braid. Once I was done with the single braids, I then began wrapping the braids with the premium kanekalon hair to create the effect of dreadlocks. Lastly, I burned the bottom of the fauxloc to seal the ends. And just like that I was a dread-head! *flips hair emoji”


The process of installing fauxlocs was very easy. If you know how to do single braids, and wrap hair around your finger then you can do fauxlocs. Seriously! It’s that’s simple. Fauxlocs are also extremely cost effective. The total cost for the hair was only $40, and because I did them myself I didn’t have to pay someone to install them for me.


The worst part about having fauxlocs was the unraveling. After about two-weeks of having them, a few of my dreads began to slightly unravel. Especially after wearing them in a up-do hairstyle. So I had to do minor touch-ups here and there, which was annoying. Also it took about 8 hours to install the hairstyle.

Overall, I LOVED having fauxlocs! It was such a fun hairstyle, and it provided some much needed versatility. I received so many compliments. I would definitely do fauxlocs again. I recommend fauxlocs to anyone contemplating the idea of permanently growing dreadlocks or to anyone looking for a cool, Afro-centric hairstyle.

Thinking about trying fauxlocs? Have any fauxlocs tips?! I would love to hear about it in the comments!

Here are some of my fave how-to videos on installing fauxlocs!

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