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For as long as I can remember, I’ve never really been a person that cared about exercise or being healthy. I wish I could blame that on my upbringing, but my immediate family has always eaten very clean and exercised as often as possible. However, within the last couple of years, something in me changed. I decided I wanted to live a healthier lifestyle, so I made a promise to myself from that day forward I would make better food selections and exercise more. I thought the process would be extremely hard, but surprisingly it wasn’t. I think what helped is I didn’t make drastic changes all at once, every thing was very subtle. I began with my diet. I switched out sprite for iced green tea, made better choices when grocery shopping, and even started ordering low-cal dishes while eating out at restaurants. Next, I amped up my exercise routine. I started taking Zumba classes, which I instantly fell in love with, they were so much fun and it didn’t take long until I saw results. Now, I exercise about 3-4 times a week, I mostly walk park trails and do core strength training. I’m also OBSESSED with yoga! I guess you can say I’ve become a semi-health guru(LOL)!

The best part about this journey has been learning about all the healthy ways you can boost your weight loss, besides just eating healthier and exercising regularly. I’ve become a huge fan of juicing and doing cleanses/detoxes. Whenever I have something going on that I want to look extra fabulous for, I start some type of cleanse, and I find them to be very effective. Since I’ll be going on a weekend vacay for my birthday next month, (and will be wearing minimal clothing lol), I decided it would be the perfect time to start a new cleanse. So on August 1st I began tea-toxing. 

Tea-toxing is a process where you detox your system by drinking herbal tea at least twice a day (once in the morning and once before bed) to rid your body of toxins, chemicals that cause bloating, and increase your metabolism. I’m a natural tea drinker, so thus far this process has been super easy, and even after just 3 days I can see results. Along with water, I drink tea (cold and hot) about 5 times a day. I also will be doing core exercises daily, to get the most out of this program. 

It’s crazy to think that a few years ago if someone would have told me I woud be such a fan of cleanses and certain exercise methods, I would have probably laughed in their face. I feel I’m living proof that living a healthier lifestyle doesn’t have to be hard. Do I still indulge? Of course! I am for NOLA remember! However, I have just learned to do it in moderation. I’m looking forward to what 31 days of tea-toxing/exercising will bring, and I can not wait to share the end results with you all!

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Anyone else tea-toxing with me or have you tea-toxed before? How did it work for you?! I would love to hear about it in the comments!

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